Wednesday, December 24, 2014

New pair of XLO Ref3 Speaker cables! 40% OFF

Ref3 Speaker Cables 40% OFF

In doing year end inventory we discovered a brand new set of XLO Ref3 speaker cables! A little over 4'. Tested to make sure its perfect. Ideal for mono blocks.

Will ship worldwide. We get so many requests for XLO they won't last long.

40% off! and NEW. We'll even ship FREE (USA only). Shop now.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

HUGE Holiday Bel Canto Sale!

Bel Canto Sale Now at Trueaudiophile
Huge Saving on brand new Bel Canto products still in stock. While supplies last!

Including a very rare and special DAC 3.5 MKIII: This unit was modified by John Stronczer himself and only three people on the planet have this version. Mr. Stronczer, BCD President, and now you. It has the same clocks from their $50K+ Bel Canto Black series. PLUS we're offering it at $400 OFF. It was only played to be tested. Box and all warranty and accessories. ONLY ONE. Silver faceplate -  the highly desirable older faceplate.