Wednesday, December 24, 2014

New pair of XLO Ref3 Speaker cables! 40% OFF

Ref3 Speaker Cables 40% OFF

In doing year end inventory we discovered a brand new set of XLO Ref3 speaker cables! A little over 4'. Tested to make sure its perfect. Ideal for mono blocks.

Will ship worldwide. We get so many requests for XLO they won't last long.

40% off! and NEW. We'll even ship FREE (USA only). Shop now.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

HUGE Holiday Bel Canto Sale!

Bel Canto Sale Now at Trueaudiophile
Huge Saving on brand new Bel Canto products still in stock. While supplies last!

Including a very rare and special DAC 3.5 MKIII: This unit was modified by John Stronczer himself and only three people on the planet have this version. Mr. Stronczer, BCD President, and now you. It has the same clocks from their $50K+ Bel Canto Black series. PLUS we're offering it at $400 OFF. It was only played to be tested. Box and all warranty and accessories. ONLY ONE. Silver faceplate -  the highly desirable older faceplate.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Ikeda MS Phono Cartridges are here!

Ikeda Phono Cartridges Now at True Audiophile
We've been looking for special phono cartridges to offer our customers for more than a year. There are some very fine cartridges out there. Yet we were after something 'special' and something you can actually get without a stupid waiting list.

Ikeda, a 47 year old phono cartridge company, wowed us. We now carry all their cartridges and arms. These are insanely musical and organic. Wonderful flow and presentation. Gorgeously handmade.

Go here to see them and read more about each one.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

True Audiophile will be at RMAF in the BMC Room 561

We will be in the BMC room at RMAF this weekend. Come by Room 561 and say hello and ask any questions you may have.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

We give in. Isoclean fuses rule at True Audiophile

Isoclean fuses at True Audiophile

After a lot of investigating whether fuses make a real world difference rather than just makes sense we give in. Audio fuses using good materials do make a difference. The Isoclean fuses are the most neutral and musical we've heard to date. Direction is very important as you will immediately hear the difference. As far as improvement these are a lot of bang for your audio buck. Its like having a mini power conditioner added to your component. Makes sense when you think about what type of internal wiring is best and then you rely on the cheapest materials to pass the voltage into your component or from within the signal path. Make sure you don't have a product that likes to eat fuses or this is a waste. All of our products are stable so we can highly recommend these fuses.

Easily the simplest mod you can make.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Elrog 300B Vacuum Tubes begin to arrive at True Audiophile

Elrog 300B Now at True Audiophile

Elrog 300B Now at True Audiophile
Elrog 300B backside Now at True Audiophile

Elrog 300B compared to standard 300B

They're heeeeeeeere. Ok bad old, very old, reference. The new Elrog 300B vacuum tubes began arriving today and they are sweet. The first order is completely sold out and we have only one pair left (as of today) for next week's shipment. Then we will be taking pre-orders again. Elrog is a very small company. Every tube must meet MilSpec requirements so not all tubes make it and thus the output of these handmade tubes is low. We will get what we can when we can. If you really want a pair best to contact us and go through the pre-order deposit process to guarantee you get a pair.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Now most products Ship FREE

Free Shipping now at True Audiophile
For a limited time we offer free shipping on most everything we sell. Take advantage of this great offer. Tax free and free shipping. That's an incredible savings!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Check out the unboxing and set up video of the new Transrotor Crescendo Nero

We are blown away how beautiful looking and sounding this table is in person. A work of art both technically and aesthetically. The Transrotor Crecsendo Nero is also available as the Blanco or White version. Both are available in our store and the Nero is available for demo now in our Portland Showroom. The SmarTractor shown at the end of the video is naturally for sale in our store as well.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Nice review of our room at the California Audio Show 2014

Part Time Audiophile review of the True Audiophile Room at CA Audio Show 2014
Part time Audio did a midnight run on our room a couple weeks ago before the first day of the California Audio Show. It was really nice to be able to get them back when we were actually open.

Check out their full review.

Of course the new Audion 300B SE will look like the image below. Audion couldn't get us the metal work in time. This is the first one in the world.

TransRotor Crescendo Nero arriving for demo

TransRotor Crescendo Nero not on demo at True Audiophile

We are jazzed to be able to announce our Portland Showroom is getting the outrageously beautiful looking and sounding TransRotor Crescendo this week for demo. This table is unlike any other on the market right now and has the unique feature of having magnetic drive - a feature TR invented and was previously only available on their $100K+ tables. 

Book a listening session today.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Audiophiliac Steve Guttenberg at CNET discovers the Pandora VI Headphones

Pandora VI Headphones at True Audiophile

We are very happy Steve discovered these wonderful headphones. We sell quite a few with people commenting they're the best HPs they've heard.

We tested some electrostatic headphones and finally gave up because the Pandora were oh so awfully close and far less expensive.

"There's an intimacy to the sound that lets you hear the vocalists breathe, cymbal shimmer with greater fidelity, and deep bass never sounds thick or muddy. Soft-to-loud dynamic contrasts are viscerally felt, other headphones tap the energy levels down a few notches...Pandora Hope VI is awfully impressive. I was surprised that while it was brighter than the other headphones it never sounded harsh with reasonably well-recorded music. It's a closed-back design, but sounded spacious in ways that felt like an open-back headphone." Steve Guttenberg. Read the full review

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Unanimous raves for our room at CAS 5 in San Francisco

The California Audio Show in San Francisco couldn't have gone better even if we scripted it. Our room showcasing the new Audion 300B Special Edition pair with the new Spatial M1 speakers was the buzz of the show.

People came back to our room again and again. Not only during a day, they come back all three days. Even other exhibitors came into our room because they wanted to know 'what all the buzz is about'.

Comments from attendees and even exhibitors: "Incredible sound." "Most musical room at the show", "Ok, where's the trick? No way that amp can put out that amazing amount of bass", "My favorite room of the whole show", "Seriously, 8.2 watts is doing all that", "Thank you for an amazing experience", " "What a relief from all the other rooms. I could live in this room", "Your room was definitely a standout.", "I want the whole system", "Amazing", "Sensational", "Incredible", "Almost hard to believe" .... and on and on.

We did not confine our playlist to audiophile music. We play heavy orchestral to heavy blues and rock to female and male voice and everything in between. The important concept for us was to show you did not have to confine your listening to a narrow range of music. This system can play it all.

Audion has tremendous drive and the new 300B SE had 300B lovers in shock how Audion was able to make the tube linear from 17- 24Khz.

Monday, August 18, 2014

True Audiophile will be at the 2014 California Audio Show Aug 14 -17th ROOM 376 with new products

True Audiophile shows World Premier products at the 2014 California Audio Show Aug 14 -17th ROOM 376
Visit ROOM 376 of the California Audio Show in San Francisco to be the first in the world to hear these new audio products.

Audion Special Edition 300B stereo amp. Elrog 300B Vacuum Tube. Spatial Audio M1 Open Baffle Speaker that has all the holographic sound with none of the drawbacks.

Special carbon jacketed, pure silver Cabling by Revelation Audio Labs.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Audion 300B Special Edition Premiering at CAS5

Only a few more days until the California Audio Show in San Francisco. Be sure to come by our room 376, listen to some good tunes and say hello.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Steel Blues

Dancing with the flowers, river and vegetables was Tevis Hodge steel guitar blues at the St. John's market.

For better lighting see the video below.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Promise the Moon - True Audiophile

Promise the Moon touched all of us at True Audiophile

Promise the Moon. Another soulful duo. Unfortunately, our phone video doesn't do them justice. Here's a link to them and their music.

Promise the Moon is a link to their site and music

Summer means music in the Streets. Kenton Street fair tunes

Its the time of year we'll be listening and posting some of the more interesting musicians here in Portland. This is Mark McMinn playing on a rainy day at the Kenton Street Fair. Enjoy.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Spatial Audio perfects the Open Baffle Speaker with the new Hologram Series

Spatial Audio Hologram Series at True Audiophile
We have been looking and listening for loudspeakers that fulfill what seemingly was an unrealistic dream: To find a speaker series that was high efficiency, had a holographic 3-D presentation, integrated into the room and didn't need a truckload of room treatment.

Introducing the Spatial Audio Hologram series. 100dB efficient so they can be uses with as little as 1 Watt. Beginning with the Hologram M2 dual 12" driver and special wideband compression driver that uses the specially designed woofer cone as the waveguide (43Hz - 20kHz). And its larger brother the Hologram M1 with 15" drivers and wideband compression driver which can pressurize large rooms (30Hz - 20kHz).

We are so excited by the technology and result that we will be showing with these speakers at the California Audio Show August 15-17th in room 376.

The M2 which was unveiled at Axpona 2014 won best sound in its category. The reviewers especially remarked how all the vendors had room tuning issues but the Hologram had zero room treatments and sounded incredible.

See more about these amazing speakers - at reasonable prices $1995-$3495

Friday, May 23, 2014

Biggest Amarra Vinyl Sale EVER! $190 OFF

Amarra Vinyl $190 OFF Sale $99 This weekend only!!

Don't miss the incredible savings. Get your copy now. Monday the price goes back to $289.00

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Stereophile June 2014 falls in love with the Primare CD32

Primare CD32 Amazing CD Player at True Audiophile
New review in Stereophile June 2014 - Getting this level of sound, functionality, and built quality for $2850 reflect brilliant optimization of design and production elements. Primare's CD32 is a superb CD player -- period. Listening to music though the CD32 is an unqualified joy. --Brian Damkroger Stereophile

This really is a special CD player in an age of computer audio. If you want to enjoy your CD collection with utmost simplicity and discover all of them like you're hearing them for the first time.

Monday, May 12, 2014

The best value in Record Cleaning Machines finally arrives

Okki Nokki Mkll at True Audiophile
Okki Nokki, the Best Value in Record Cleaning Machines gets MKII status. After too long of a search and a lack of patience for a record cleaning machine that cleans the records and not your wallet - Okki Nokki finally comes through with the best value in RCMs with the new MKII. You will not be disappointed.

We also did a video to show you the operation and all the improvements including an amazingly quiet motor.

The most remarkable 845 Vacuum tube made

Elrog 845 Vacuum Tube at True Audiophile

We now carry the most sensation 845 Vacuum tube we have ever heard (yes we have heard some NOS RCA's) The Elrog 845 Precision Vacuum Tube is simply sensational. Hands down. It is a transformation tube. More bloom. Better detail. More accurate. Better soundstage. Better articulation. 

We made a video for everyone to see the physical differences.

Explore more details of this tube at our True Audiophile store.

Monday, May 5, 2014

BMC brings USB up to date

BMC PureUSB Cable at True Audiophile

This is an impressive achievement in USB cables. Length is no longer and issue because of the proprietary USB module the signal is retsored and power isolated just before it goes into the DAC or digital converter. Many dealer and customers have compared this cable to the finest on the market today and the PureUSB always won.

An active electronic circuit restores and reshapes the digital USB signal just before entering the DAC. Beside this remarkable technology it also filters the noise on the USB power supply. This solution provides a better USB signal and ultimately better sound.

Another advantage is the reduction of length sensitivity. The BMC PureUSB1 allows the USB cable to be longer without causing losses, so 5.0 meter performance is virtually the same as the 2.0 meter length.

USB without the penalty now at True Audiophile.

Thales Precision Audio Cables Arrive via Swiss Watch Makers

Thales Swiss Audio Cables at True Audiophile
We now have Thales Precision cables designed and terminated by Swiss watchmakers. These cables are so incredible for the price that we have a special offer on them. Customers and dealers are immediately selling their cables that cost up to 6 times their price once they hear Thales.

Finally the Best Value in Record Cleaning Machines get MKII

Okki Nokki MkII at True Audiophile
Finally and to a grand welcome the Okki Nokki reaches MkII status with all new precision internal machining, quieter motor and all the small issues with MKI completely resolved.

We have been looking for a record cleaner that wouldn't cost the price of a entry turntable but do what ones costing far more can do. After waiting not patiently Okki Nokki resolved everything and brought a new version of their RCM to market. Without question this is the best value in all of RCM's.

Yes, you can spent up to 6x more and get something better but really? Why not spend that money on getting more records? Okki Nokki does deep cleaning, the new motor is quieter, has forward/reverse and auto shut off in case you forget to empty the reservoir. At just over $600 for all these features its the obvious choice for record lovers. If you've ever cleaned a record and heard the real sonic effects you know what we're talking about.

Get the best value in Record Cleaners at True Audiophile

Friday, May 2, 2014

Show specials for All

Back from Axpona 2014
We had a great time seeing customers and talking to people about Audion, BMC electronics, Stage III cables, HB Cable Design Power conditioners and more.

To help audiophiles who couldn't make it to Chicago we're honoring the show specials for the next week. Just drop us an email for special pricing on BMC, Stage III and HB Cable Power Conditioners.

As an extra celebration of Spring we're offer 20% off all Revelation Audio Labs cables. The best value in silver cabling we've ever found.

Find out all the new product at True Audiophile

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Come see True Audiophile at Axpona Chicago 2014

See True Audiophile at Axpona Chicago 4/25-4/27

True Audiophile show special pricing at Axpona Chicago 4/25-4/27
True Audiophile will be a Axpona Chicago April 25-27th in the Audiophile Marketplace. We'll have some special show offers.  Come by and say hello and pick up some special audio at a great price.

Axpona 2014 show information

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Pandora Hope VI headphones by Final Audio Design land at True Audiophile

Pandora Hope VI by Final Audio Design
We go to all the audio shows and listen to everything we can get on our head. Without question these headphones had the clarity, openess, refinement, and sophistication of other headphones - yes we're going to say it - that cost many times more. Final Audio Design has been making audio since 1974 so when they put their design team to work it has far more experience in this field than most companies combined. We overwhelmingly recommend these headphones. So much so that we decided not to carry more expensive brands because we felt the differences were minor at best.

Get your head into Pandora Hope VI now.

Friday, March 7, 2014

New Price on the Bel Canto C7R. Save $500!!

Bel Canto C7R now only $2499.00 at True Audiophile

We wanted everyone reading our blog to be the first to know that we have a new price on the Bel Canto C7R. Its now $500 less which makes it a steal considering everything built into this unit and now only a few hundred more than the C5i which can't touch it for specs and performance.

Save Now.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Primare I32 integrated amplifier + Network is a digital dream

Primare I32 Integrated amp with Network Card
Digital audio as most of you know is the present and future of playback. What's got us excited is by putting the Primare MM30 card in the waiting slot in the Primare I32 it becomes a Network player of phenomenal proportions.

Access it from anywhere in your house, with a tablet, phone, computer, etc and you control the music coming out of the I32. Others do that you say? Well the big thing here is the chipset and fact it all stays within I2S. In other words no multiple conversions of the signal before it gets to and out of the DAC chip.

Plus you get the power of an integrated modern amplifier that's muscular and musical. Pulling the full spectrum of music out of your digital file. No harshness or edginess. Full featured. Full remote.

Friday, February 21, 2014

The Incredible Starter Bundle that sounds like a Real System

Introducing the Audiophile Starter Bundle

Andrew Jones Design Pioneer SP-BS22

Pioneer A20 killer preamp

Analysis Plus 1M Oval One Interconnect
Analysis Plus 8FT  Clear Oval speaker cables

When friend of True Audiophile, Andrew Jones of TAD, said we should look at the entry speakers he designed for Pioneer we were, uh er, ok we were polite and listened.

Wha, what?! How could they sound so incredible for an incredibly small price. We've sold some bundles to people who just couldn't buy the higher end models and they are in love. Bundles come with either bookshelf or floor standing. Plus generous 8FT speaker Cables. Save $80-$100!

Its our way of supporting audio for all in Portland.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Hello Sweden. Its True Audiophile. Primare arrives...

Primare I22 Integrated Amp w/DAC option
As we mentioned in the BMC section we always look and listen for outstanding design and sonics. Our final entry into best value/sonics/design is the very modern looking Primare line of electronics.

Primare is a very forward thinking company and offers a lot for the money and optional upgrades that just slide into a waiting bay. Like the I22 Integrated Amplifier above. It has plenty of power, a full function modern remote and the option to have a internal DAC - high resolution, low jitter of course - with a bay in the back. If you do not want the DAC built in its just an easy upgrade later.

Primare has everything you could want in a line from amps to CD players to the finest Blu-Ray player on the planet.

Check out Primare electrionics on our site.

B.M.C. audio comes to True Audiophile

BMC PureDac. Now at True Audiophile.
We listen to everything we can at the shows. Solid state is a big issue for us as we love tubes. So we have a strict set of hurdles each brand must overcome. Preciseness isn't a problem with solid state. Organic presentation that makes you want to listen endlessly while it performs effortlessly is what we want to experience.

We've always been interested in BMC products for the wonderful design and unique features. After CES 2014 we heard the latest revisions and the new PureDac shown above (monster DAC for the money) and that convinced us. It was one of the best sounding rooms at CES 2014.

The entire line is well executed with multiple proprietary features that set BMC apart. You can explore the entire line but going to True Audiophile BMC Electronics.

BMC CS2 integrated amp

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

SmarTractor New precision phono protractor by Acoustic Systems

SmarTractor precision phono protractor by Acoustic Systems. At True Audiophile.
Who would spend this amount of money on a protractor for their Turntable? You should. Are you really serious about getting the investment out of your turntable? Normally precision arm/cartridge alignment is a black art. But it shouldn't be. Sadly, most tables just aren't aligned properly which means you're not hearing nearly as much as you should from your record.

After a long search we finally found a protractor that is precision and easy to use. Most importantly the results are impressive.

The SmarTractor is now on our site. It features an all new tangential alignment called UNI-DIN. This is the first modern alignment tangent that has come along in 40 years.

If you put serious money into your table its time for a serious return. Shop now.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Silverline Minuet Supreme

Silverline Minuet Supreme now at True Audiophile
We've heard previous versions of the small speaker in the past and were always floored. We never heard any small speaker come close. Many people at the shows kept looking for the subwoofer. Us included.

Finally after hearing all the players we decided Silverline Minuet Supreme were too much of a speaker  to pass on and we now carry them. In Rosewood as shown they only $699/pair. This is really amazing. We heard boutique speakers that were more and couldn't touch these. Silk dome tweeter/pulp paper cone mid/woofer -- just a joy to listen to every kind of music. Power is 10 - 300 Watts.

We're going to carry some spectacular nano component from Japan that combined with those will make a smokin' mini system. At the same time these are perfect for small room and a good system.

There's more coming from CES as we sign the agreements. Very special audio gear at great value. All selected for sonics and price. Shop now.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Back from CES

Just got back from being at CES for three full-sized days. Look for some very, very cool new products and lines in our store over the next couple months. Headphones, new and cool DACs, solid state lines etc.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Cascadia Special

Special Cascadia Products
We understand many of the people here in the Northwest and especially Portland love great audio but don't have the budget. For these people we are making some special products that can only to be bought locally.

If you're in the area please email us and we'll let you know. The list will grow as the year goes on.

Off to CES

Well here we all are in 2014 getting back to it. Best to everyone in this new year.

We'll be at CES 2014 from this Wednesday through Saturday (Jan 8-11). You can still buy online but our Portland Store will be closed.