Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year everyone!

Happy New Year From True Audiophile
Everyone at True Audiophile wishes you all a very Happy and safe New Years. Thank you for being wonderful customers and friends during 2015. Here's to 2016!

Saturday, December 5, 2015

The Audion KT120 gets a well deserved RAVE review

Audion KT120 gets RAVE Review now at True Audiophile

The Audion KT120 gets a complete RAVE review in Part Time Audiophile by Malachi Kenney: "I’m weak. I have a total crush on this amp. The Audion Super Sterling 120 is a wholly successful work of art that delivers everything you could hope from twenty-odd watts of tube power."

This amp has been shocking dealers, manufacturers and customers alike. It far out performs its price, or as many have said, Better than anything below $10,000!

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Audion new 300B Special Edition gets amazing review

Audion New 300B Special Edition now at True Audiophile

We know from the audio shows how special the brand new Audion 300B Special Edition amp is to look at and listen to, and now one of the best 300B reviewers in America agrees:

"...the overall experience was to make me want to listen more. I don’t want to overstate the case, but I sat down to listen to two cuts and ended up listening to the whole album. The Audion Silver Night Special Edition is an amp that some would call a music lover’s amp, but it is more than that. It is an amp that lets you experience the soul of the music." Dagogo Magazine 2015 - Jack Roberts

See the amp and read more of the review here:

Thursday, October 15, 2015

TransRotor Fat Bob amazes Part Time Audiophile

TransRotor Fat Bob continues to astound. Now at True Audiophile

TransRotor Fat Bob is a mesmerizing Turntable. Here's the latest review:

"This is an analog front-end that I was loathe to return … after having it in my system for a few weeks. This roughly 85lbs behemoth of stainless steel, aluminum and brass, with its magnetic-bearing technology, had definitely cast a spell on me, and in a way changed how I critically listen to turntables.

I cannot stress enough how rock-solid the foundation is that the Fat Bob provided the SME and Koetsu. Sound-staging was wide, deep and gave instruments and voices ample room to interact, plenty of space around everything, I never felt like an acoustic guitar was in competition with a bass guitar for clarity, rather, instruments and voices were in a constant complimentary cycle. The Koetsu and SME worked seamlessly together to provide a startlingly clear window into every nuance of the performance on any LP I threw at it; and I threw a lot of variation at this combo to see if I could make it take a misstep or trip up, strain or lose its way. Regardless of what I played, the kit threaded its way with accuracy, aplomb and emotional intensity." -- Rafe Arnott, Part Time Audiophile

You can read the full review here. Naturally, you can buy the table from us.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Takatsuki TA-300B Vacuum tubes arrive. The finest 300B made today

Takatsuki TA-300B tubes. World Finest.
Now at True Audiophile

OK, enough screwing around with 300B tubes. We now carry the World's Finest 300B tubes made today. Breathtaking not only for their magical sonics but for the amazing longevity.

The famous Takatsuki 300B tubes are now in our store. They have been near impossible to find. We have them.

Yes, they are pricey. However, they are the best and they last for a very, very long time. Reviewers love them. Audiophiles are crazy about them. Your ears deserve them.

Click Here to get a pair now or find out more.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Dial in your Turntable the easy way with the new SMARTstylus now at True Audiophile

SMARTstylus tool now at True Audiophile

In our continuing quest to help people set up their TT's as best as possible without hiring a specialist, we now carry the SMARTstylus by Acoustic Systems: SRA/VTA/Azimuth tool. This will help you get your arm and cartridge close enough that your ears will tell you the rest to dial it in.

You invested a lot in your records and no doubt your table/arm/cartridge. Get the most out of it with this tool and the SmartTracktor tool by Acoustic Systems. Find out more now.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Goodbye to summer and what customers are saying about us

Hello fall and cooler temps and audio sounds from True Audiophile

As we say goodbye to an incredible [HOT] summer and settle into HiFi season we thought we'd share some recent comments about us from customers:

... I've noticed is an increase in speed, crisper highs, tighter bass and, most importantly, a pretty dramatic increase in resolution. Very dense passages such as large chorus and orchestra are much more defined than I think they've ever been. Overall a lot more enjoyable to listen to. This is with the old cca's. I'm hoping that I can get some fresh tubes into it early in the year. I'm delighted with it as it is now, so things can only get better! Thank you again. [service upgrade]

Your room was definitely a standout.

I enjoyed our conversation today and was extremely impressed by your characterization and honesty re the Audion amplifiers.

Thank you very much.

Oh. That is great! Thanks!

I'm still reverberating with the feeling of spending time with you and the wonderful sounds/music, and I'll definitely be recommending True Audiophile to others.

Wow, so soon! [service upgrade]

Awesome thanks!!

I love my Okki MK2, excellent RCM the RCM! [okki nokki] much better than anything else out there

Thank you for your prompt, professional service and great communication.  I am enjoying my new cables.  I look forward to doing business with you again.

Thank you!

Just what Portland needs! A high end store with incredible service and a comfortable listening space.

Thanks again for all your help with the amp its sounding great, dead quite and clear as a bell [service upgrade]

They [Quattro] sound amazing. There is no more smearing of sounds. It's as if I’m hearing music for the first time. I would simply like to say thank you.

Many, many thanks for your prompt help. I’ll let Audion know that your help was indispensable to solving my problem.

The power conditioner cleaned up a lot of the noise. Unbelievable. You have a customer for life!

I love my Audion KT120. Excellent sales and service!

I highly recommend True Audiophile.

Thank you for your prompt, professional service and great communication.  I am enjoying my new cables.  I look forward to doing business with you again.

Thank you so very much for your time and support on getting back to me so quickly.

Just awesome service!!!!!!

Monday, July 13, 2015

A strong dollar means better pricing on the phenomenal Okki Nokki Record Cleaning Machine

$200 OFF Okki Nokki

A strong dollar means better pricing!! 

For a limited time the best Record Cleaning Machine on the market is $200 less!!!!!

Do not miss this chance to cash in on the exchange rate and get an amazing machine at what is now an unbeatable price. Get one before they go back up.

Buy now.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

EAT C-Sharp arrives at True Audiophile.

EAT C-Sharp at True Audiophile

EAT C-Sharp arrives at True Audiophile. As the rave review by The Absolute Sound (cover shot!) "Affordable Excellence." The full review goes on to talk about the reviewer finding himself playing the whole album because he simply loved this TT's performance and musicality. Save 50% off a Ortofon Black when purchased with this TT!

Don't miss out on this spectacular table.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

One More chance for One-DAY!

Our first blow out product sold within minutes. So we are giving everyone a 2nd chance on another product. 40% off Save over $1400.00

Click here and get an incredible deal on a new product

Friday, April 10, 2015

Announcing the "One-Day" Sale

True Audiophile -AOS 'One Day' Sale

You've heard it or maybe you've said it. "One day I'll be able to afford that!"

Well that "One Day" has arrived. Every Sunday we will feature one product at an incredible price in
our Outlet Store.

Choice products at a crazy discount. Every Sunday!

First come - First one get the incredible price.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Okki Nokki Record Cleaning machines BACK in stock at True Audiophile

Okki Nokki RCM in stock at True Audiophile

FINALLY!!! Okki Nokki is back in stock beginning next week. We've held out and did all we could to get these wonderful, best value for price record cleaning machine back in stock. Now we have them and you finally have a proper option for a small, quiet record cleaning machine at a great price.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Thursday, January 15, 2015

A Note on Break in with Elrog 300B tubes

Elrog 300B tubes orientation notes

As many of our customers get their Elrog 300B tubes from True Audiophile a couple points seem to come up often enough that we wanted to cover them.

Firstly, and yes, for experienced users this might seem obvious but we've had customers who've owned their 300B amps for 20 years get confused. As you can see from he base two pins are larger than the other pins. This must correspond to the same in the tube base or you could plug them in backwards and poof! there goes your tube and investment. So its ok to take care when double checking the orientation.

Next is questions about breaking in the ER300B tubes.

Although the factory runs the tubes for 24 hours, we suggest getting to the magical 100 hours for full benefit. During this time our tech recommends thermal 'cycling' the tube. IE running it for hours then turning it off for 10 minutes. The back on and running it. You don't have to do this but apparently the metals form better this way.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Elrog 300B's arrive again!

Elrog 300B tubes at True Audiophile
Matched pair of Elrog 300B tubes at True Audiophile

Elrog 300B Vacuum Tubes are redefining what people expect from a 300B. Worldwide raves continue to come in every day. From headphone amp users to those who considered various tube types to be the best suddenly proclaim the Elrog 300B more of everything they ever imagined after hearing them.

From True Audiophile customers:

"The Elrog ER-300B changes the picture for me. This is the best sounding output tube I ever listened to!..."

" I have to tell you, I was so taken by what I was hearing, it felt like I was being glued to my seat."

From a Head-Fi review of the Woo Audio amp by Fririce0003 ... the Elrog, oh my, it's just about ruined every 300B I had previously heard. It did everything right, I thought, without compromising. There was spade loads of detail, plenty of soundstage both width, depth and height. But what struck me most was the tonality and speed of this tube, the notes had plenty of weight to them and the leading edges and texturing were top notch. The tone of the tube was very well balanced and neutral, not detached like the EML either, the bass was fast and punchy, the mids were full and lush and the highs were crisp with a nice amount of sparkle. Now I can see why they sold out before they even shipped down here in Aus.

Our recent order is completely sold out but we have a new order coming the end of January. Time to pre-order to guarantee yourself a pair.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

A Life that Benefited Us All

David Graebener Rest in Peace
All Audiophiles throughout the world have been touched by David Graebener whether they ever knew it or not. David had been designing speakers since the early 1970s for the company he helped create, SpeakerLab. He was a speaker genius with a gentle soul.

Our owner met David sometime in the late 1970s when he began helping create SpeakerLab's advertising. He talked about being very, very nervous (and too young to drink to calm those nerves) and took the first ad to David for approval. He went to the door of David's studio which was named "The Pit". David opened the door in a bathrobe, looked at our owner, showed him the table, then went to the refrigerator and opened the freezer. Then he looked at our owner for a few moments and said, "Tequila?"

David was not only a genius but had the driest sense of humor west of the Thames. He frequently spoke in cadences only experienced in R. Cumb or S Clay Wilson comics.

In another instance, our owner was interested in car stereo and David quietly escorted him to his Datsun 1600. They climbed in the Datsun sport car and David turned on the stereo. Within the first couple notes, it seemed like the car was speeding down a virtual highway even though it didn't move. After a messmerizing 20 minutes David turned the key and the music went silent. He casually showed our owner the home amp that was built into the firewall and the extra alternator it took to run the system which was all SpeakerLab components including a pair of large horns for the highs.

After SpeakerLab David went onto amass probably more speaker patents that any speaker designer in the world. He was commissioned by Boeing to design a sound chamber like a wind tunnel. To do this David invented the continuous ribbons that eventually became Bohlender/Graebener.

David was always freelancing and his feats included holographic sound in the 80s. Again, our owner went to visit David who at this time was working behind his house in a small garage turned into a speaker/sound studio. David showed him in and said he was going to do a demonstration of what he was working on. As David was still talking our owner heard someone knocking on the door and mentioned perhaps David's wife needed him. David looked at the door and walked over. Then turned to our owner and smiled. The demo had already begun and it was shocking.

Eventually David landed at Wisdom Audio and perfected the planar magnetic panel that he had been toying with since the 1970s. This final achievement allowed the panels to be 99-100dB efficient and stackable. Naturally, they came with subs that went lower than anyone had heard and tighter and more accurate.

All of us in audio owe a debt to David. If he never existed we wouldn't have many of the speaker technologies we take for granted and many others couldn't have been developed using his ideas as a spring board.

We will all miss you David. Thank you for wonderful audio life. David passed today at his home in the arms of his wife. His long fight with cancer over.

David Graebener 2007