Friday, March 8, 2019

Reference AC Cable at an Entry Price

Tru Zen Reference AC Cable at True Audiophile

Tru Zen sensible cables are really taking off with happy, happy customers. We couldn't help ourselves and made up a Reference AC cable to go along with our standard AC cable.

Its excessive. Although when you consider the cable lines we carry have Ref AC cables range from $2,000-15,000 maybe not.

Carbon Fiber, chrome, military grade casing. Huge cable and conductors. There's nothing close to its price that will touch it for performance or looks.

Check it out now.

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Introducing the Amazing Budget Audio Cables

What our new house audio cables make similar priced cables sound like.
After years of customers not being able to afford the audiophile cables we carry we used 40 years worth of collective knowledge to create a house line of cables that perform way beyond their price. The test cables that went out had people telling us they sounded better immediately without any break-in.

Want to really hear your equipment? Don't have the budget for audiophile cables? These cables are for you. Eventually, we'll make speaker and power cords...

Find your cables now.