Saturday, November 30, 2019

All Assembled Acoustic Solid in Babinga, The Wand and Hana Cart

The fully assembled Acoustic Solid Special Package from True Audiophile

Take a look at the fully assembled Acoustic Solid in Babinga Wood with The Wand and Hana cartridge mounted.


Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Acoustic Solid Bubinga Wood Turntable at True Audiophile

Acoustic Solid in Bubinga Wood at True Audiophile

This is a True Audiophile exclusive. The Acoustic Solid in Bubinga wood and our special bundle price that includes The Wand carbon fiber tone arm and Hana phono cartridge. Save $1700 with this bundle. AND, its $1400-2100 less than others charge for inexpensive arms and cartridge.

Here's a link to an unboxing video.

And here is a link to get one at True Audiophile.

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

From New Zealand with a tonearm attitude

The Wand Tonearm now at True Audiophile.

Continuing with an Analog Obsession, we spent years looking for a high value tonearm that was unique and an outstanding performer.

We finally found it in New Zealand. Introducing The Wand carbon fiber tonearm. Fast, nimble, lightweight with incredible performance. 5-stars by reviewers. Now in our store at affordable prices.

Click Here to Jump to The Wand

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Have a Turntable? Yes, you. You need this.

SMARTstylus in video and on sale at True Audiophile

Just finished a video on the alignment tool all you Analog Heads need: The Smartstylus by Acoustic Systems.

Watch it here:

Buy it here:

Thursday, August 15, 2019

ProMat - Fresh from the TNT Delivery.

Promat in stock at True Audiophile

Right out of TNT's hands - Blue Horizon Pro Mat is here. The best sounding, most useful turntable mat system available. And only available in the U.S. at True Audiophile.

Limited initial shipment and on sale!

Innuos - the leading Streamer/Sever arrives at True Audiophile

Innuos now at True Audiophile

Innuos is in the store! All of you probably are aware this is becoming the new standard in music servers/streamers. They have a simple interface which can be accessed by your phone, tablet or computer, Superior board level isolation and power supplies that are optimized for performance and below hearing level noise.

We can't seem to keep them in the store. Whether a present to yourself or for someone, don't wait too long or we'll have to order from Europe!

Check them out.

Friday, August 9, 2019

Spectacular ELAC Carina is finally HERE

Fabulous Sounding ELAC Carina are finally here and True Audiophile has them.

We have waited ... and waited ... and... you get the gag. We ended up waited a year past the promise date for the Carina speakers. We knew the secret hype and were excited.

Finally, they're here and as they said, They do not disappoint. Andrew Jones took a edgy tweeter and made it sensational. The new Andrew Jones folded jet tweeter must be heard to be beloved. Of course its seamlessly blended into the sonics so you get a total clear and engaging performance.

Pick up a pair of Bookshelf, or Floor Standers or Center Channel.

Serious Power Conditioning by GigaWattGo

GigaWatt is here and on Sale at True Audiophile

We're always looking for power center/conditioners that really work and work for high current applications such as amplifiers.

While many companies claim you can use their power conditioners for high current ie amplifiers, we found this to not be true. It always darkens the sounds and muddies the sound stage. After looking for years to find a more affordable solution than the HB Cable conditioners, we an even better option than the one we used to carry and they performed brilliantly.

We carry the full line, but are only listing this one on our site right now. Since it also comes with a high end power cord its really the best bargain we've found. PLUS we beat them up to offer a Introductory

Price that's $700 off!!

See the unboxing here.

Buy one here.
Exogal Non-Digital DAC is here at True Audiophile

All about the videos today. We also completed one on the Exogal Comet DAC. The non-digital, math DAC.

We haven't had our hearts in carrying a DAC since we imported Human Audio. We listened to lots of DACs and all of them left us, meh. Clean, check. Dynamics, check. Soundstage, check. Analog-like, UN-check. Natural sounding, UN-check. We just never got excited. Then finally we heard the Exogal Comet. A DAC like no other. None of the same architecture or approach. Forget asking about which DAC chip they use because they only use a DAC chip to assign inputs and output. All the rest is done with math. Pure math to trace the musical wave precisely and evenly without need of filters and excess circuitry to fill in the wonky stair step trace. We think you will love this DAC.

Watch the unboxing here.

But one here.

Furutech power conditioning on a budget

Basic yet elegant Power conditioning by Furutech at True Audiophile

Just finished a Furutech TP-60 Power Conditioner un-boxing. Great bang for your audio dollar.

See the video here.

Buy one by clicking here.

Exclusive 2-stage Turntable Mats at True Audiophile

ProMat by Blue Horizon Imported by True Audiophile
Serious about Turntable playback?

Have a nice mix of 120g and 180g tasty records?

Don't want to change the VTA/VTF for each one, but want to enjoy ultimate playback?

This is the solution. The ProMat's unique architecture allows you to set the VTA/VTF and then just add or remove a mat for perfect VTA/VTF.

These disappeared from the U.S. months ago, and there's no other product with this unique architecture so we contacted the manufacturer in Europe and for now, we are the exclusive dealer in the U.S.

To celebrate we also lowered the price by 30% because, well, music lovers deserve this solution and what you save will buy you some more tasty records.

Order Now.

Summer Savings in the Outlet Store

Save on iFi now at True Audiophile

Summer SALE on iFi

Go to our Outlet Store for special Summer savings on iFi's most popular products.

Most are at our cost.

Less Loss blindingly good cables come to True Audiophile

Less Loss comes to True Audiophile 

How much difference can a cable really make?


If its a Less Loss cable the answer is astoundingly better. We've chased this brand for years trying to get it. They only sell direct from Europe and the hassle made zero difference as they have thousands of clients worldwide and over 100 rave reviews from consumers and reviewers.
The new C-Mark design is evolutionary as it is revolutionary.

Now we're one of two authorized dealers in the U.S. We offer nationwide trials for their interconnects, speaker and power cables.

You will not be disappointed. Explore Less Loss now.

Friday, March 8, 2019

Reference AC Cable at an Entry Price

Tru Zen Reference AC Cable at True Audiophile

Tru Zen sensible cables are really taking off with happy, happy customers. We couldn't help ourselves and made up a Reference AC cable to go along with our standard AC cable.

Its excessive. Although when you consider the cable lines we carry have Ref AC cables range from $2,000-15,000 maybe not.

Carbon Fiber, chrome, military grade casing. Huge cable and conductors. There's nothing close to its price that will touch it for performance or looks.

Check it out now.

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Introducing the Amazing Budget Audio Cables

What our new house audio cables make similar priced cables sound like.
After years of customers not being able to afford the audiophile cables we carry we used 40 years worth of collective knowledge to create a house line of cables that perform way beyond their price. The test cables that went out had people telling us they sounded better immediately without any break-in.

Want to really hear your equipment? Don't have the budget for audiophile cables? These cables are for you. Eventually, we'll make speaker and power cords...

Find your cables now.