Monday, February 29, 2016

Cable blowout SALE in the Outlet Store!

Cable Blowout Sale Now at True Audiophile

Big cable blow out on new and demo cables in the outlet store. We won't be repeating it and there's only one set of each. Its a great chance to upgrade cables or to get some good return from the lower end models which will smoke you cheap cables.

Check it out now before they're gone.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Save $500 on TransRotor Dark Star

TransRotor Dark Star at True Audiophile

Save $500! Price break on reviewer favorite: TransRotor Dark Star.

This table is dollar of dollar the best performing table in its class. Every reviewer says the same. Don't miss the sale - comes complete with arm/cartridge and proper motor controller.

"The Dark Star may be more approachably down-to-earth but it doesn’t convey much of a sense of compromise." writes Neil Gator in Absolute Sound Magazine Review.

"The Dark Star Reference staged broadly, with clear front/back relations but not maximal clarity and visibility into the final rows of an orchestra. This deck’s forté was clothing sounds with bodies and if in doubt, rather larger than smaller, with organically softened contours. This meant no particularly elevated airiness between the performers and no surgically acute outlines.  I most keyed into its emotional impact." writes 6Moons Ralph Werner.