Wednesday, June 26, 2013

THE Show Newport show video by AV Showrooms

Here's your chance to see our owner/founder mumble. :-) We give Gary a hard time about that one.

This is what we showed in the room and thanks to Aaudio Imports especially Brian Ackerman and DEQX with PJ Zornosa, who shared the room. Gary stopped to allow Peter to finished the room line up here it is for reference list.


World's first Single Ended KT120 stereo amp
Black Shadows 2 MkII

Human Audio:

Tabla USB-SPDIF converter
Muto Hi-Rez 192/24 DAC
Revelation Audio Labs Digital Cables

Auralea 309 Curved Speakers
HB Cable Design Acrylic Power Center
Stage III cabling thorough out

DEQX room equalization/digital correction

Atomic Audio Labs platforms

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Where to start in your system?

We get a lot of calls on cables and everyone wants to start with either speaker or interconnects. Naturally, these are very important. But unless the power is right you will never hear your investment.

Believe it or not you should start with power. From the wall forward. Get a better power cord first. You'll be surprised. Once you start to hear better power your system will sound better and you'll have a greater idea of what your components need cable-wise.

Even if you don't invest in a power center/conditioner  (which we highly recommend) at least try a power cord. We know, "How can that last few feet from the wall matter when there's literally miles of cables from the power station?"

The reason is its a circle. The better the last section of the power is able to reject noise and complete the circle back to the outlet the better the current to your component. Since we use AC (alternating current) you want the last bit to your system the best conductor it can be and allow the flow from the wall the highest it can achieve. Even customers who use better power cords on their TV's see the difference. That should give us all a clue that if we could see the noise carried by cheap power cords we would never use them.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Special Sale on bel canto Dac 1.5!!

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Monday, June 10, 2013

New Review of Stage III Kraken AC Power Cord - the last power cord you'll ever need?

Positive Feedback raves about the Stage III Kraken AC Power Cord "Just one Kraken will be enough to alter your sound in startling ways" Read

Friday, June 7, 2013

Even more great reviews from The Newport Show

Amazing comments continue to pour in. The latest below is from The Audio Beat. The Auralea 309 speakers are sensation both in appearance and sound. Aaudio who shared the room is the importer and we're happy to be a dealer. This review is the sole copyright of The Audio Beat.

THE Show Newport 2013 • Hot Product

Auralea 309. World's First Curved Speaker. Real Piano finish.

New to the US (but not other parts of the world) is the Capriccio Continuo Auralea 309 ($7995/pair), with its curving, nonparallel, "arch dam" cabinet. This cabinet (or cabinets, as the left and right speakers are mirror images of each other) is undoubtedly difficult to build, but its claimed benefits, including exceptional rigidity and distribution of resonances, must be worth the effort. The tweeter is a refined version of the Heil Air Motion Transformer optimized to produce a "frontal cardioid radiation" pattern, and the woofer has "nano-carbon enhancement" and a wave-damped inverted edge, which is favored for BBC-inspired monitors.

Auralea beside the Audion Black Shadow 845 and the Super Sterling 120 behind the Deqx

Best of all, these smallish, slender two-ways sounded pure on top and tight down low, and they disappeared within the soundfield they created. The claimed 91dB sensitivity seemed accurate, given that the partnering integrated amp was good for about 25Wpc maximum.

This is one of the most promising sub-$10,000 speakers we've heard in a very long time, displaying the unique kind of magic that two-ways can possess.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

More reports from the Newport show

Ok, well, in this case the Human was singing..... the Metrum has gobs of resolution though. John was pretty stunned by the sound and blown away by the room and told us so as he stayed for quite a long time. He forgot to mention the room was shared by Aaudio Imports who supplied the incredible Auralea 309 Speakers, Stage III cables and HB Design Acrylic PowerSlave.

Gary Alpern (right) doesn’t dig his new Metrum Hex…yet. “It sounds broken!” he opines. Fair enough. Not everyone likes everything. It could well be that the Human Audio digital products fronting his demo system are better. Anyway, I’d come to have a quick butchers at the widely/loudly touted Super Sterling 120 (US$4175), the “world’s first single-ended KT120 amplifier” recently birthed by Audion – 25 wpc of pure class A. As mentioned in Part 1 of this coverage, it’s pretty much impossible to judge anything but the system-in-the-room-as-a-whole at hi-fi shows so I’m unable/unwilling to comment on how awesome the beefy new Audion sounds. However, as soon as I spied the DEQX Mate processor (US$4500), Alpern executed a cute demo as to its effectiveness with soundstage focus and overall clarity. DEQX’s US sales manager P.J. Zornosa (left) witnessed my amazement. Thirty seconds was all it took to make me want to own one. Crikey!

True Audion lover

Some people REALLY love Audion....

Monday, June 3, 2013

Show reports coming in - True Audiophile has sound

Most all the show goers said we had one of or the best sound of the whole show. All the reviewers came in and their reviews will be coming in the following days.

This blurp is from Enjoy the Music on the first day:

Aaudio Imports (True Audiophile) room really sounded good. Darn good! Now i rarely start with those comments, especially at a show, so you know if you are here please go listen for yourself. Gear-wise, we have the Audion Black Shadow2 MKII 845 tubed amp, DEQX room correction processor ($13,499 and $4500) plus Stage III Concepts wire ($4600 on up).

The press got as confused as the people at the show thinking the Black Shadows were playing when it was really the new Audion Single Ended KT120 amp. It was a phenomenal hit with everyone. The only negative was people thought we were selling it too cheaply. :)

We did hold the cost down for a special introductory price. Many were sold at the show. Its really a special amp. The Auralea 309 Speakers are incredibly beautiful in person. More on everything when we get back to Portland.