Saturday, April 23, 2016

Best Sound for the Money - The Absolute Sound

Best Sound for the Money TAS 2016 now at True Audiophile

Julie Mullins of The Absolute Sound awards Audio Alchemy "Best Sound for the Money" for their digital player.

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Audio Alchemy wins one of "Best electronics under $20K" at Axpona 2016

Audio Alchemy wins Best under $20K at Axpona 2016 at True Audiophile

Here's what Greg Weaver of The Absolute Sound had to say, "The ridiculously overachieving gear from the reborn Audio Alchemy stole the hearts of all who had the opportunity to listen. AA introduced the DMP-1 digital media player ($1795 with ROON option), streaming to its DDP-1 DAC/preamp ($1995) with the PS-5 power supply ($595), which fed a pair of DPA-1-Mono power amplifiers ($1995/ea.). This superb system drove an equally astonishing new speaker, the Endeavor Audio Engineering E-3Mk II ($8000/pr.). I dare you to find better performance in this price range! The DMP-1 is unique in my experience. By accessing its internal webpage—once it is connected to your network, much like a printer or router—you can directly create and run playlists. And once you’ve created a playlist, you can play from or skip through it using the DMP-1’s infrared remote."

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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The Cable Legend Returns!!

XLO now, again, at True Audiophile

The cable legend has returned and all the customers who constantly ask us when they can buy XLO again, we can answer, NOW!

XLO has been a worldwide leader in quality audio cables at all audiophile price level. The cables are smooth and detailed and the higher you go in the line the more microdynamics you hear. Even their entry level cable provide a smooth sonic signature that many cables promise but can't deliver.