Sunday, May 7, 2023

Tom Evans Audio Phono Stages. Perhaps the best review was from a very successful horn man: 

"Once I heard the realism of Tom's products and experienced the excitement and passion they were capable of, that was it! I was supremely hooked!"

When our MasterGroove came and we switch it on, our jaws went wonky. We had to have everyone sit done and listen to see if we were nuts....

Watch our video of the piece below:


The Aretai 100S. We often say we search the world for the best sonic value at every price. While it can be a trite marketing message, we take it very much to heart.

 These speakers come from Latvia and have won the prestigious Red Dot award for Industrial Design. Horn loaded. They go way lower than any stand mount speaker has a right to go.

See our video on these below.


 Of course, we made one for the Sonner Legato Unum's older brother. 

The Sonner Allegro

You can see the video below


See the video we made for the Sonner Legato Unum. This speaker has won so many awards from all the magazines we were almost suspicious. 
Naturally, we heard from everyone else did so follow the link and enjoy.
We also have a special bundle price that allow you to get 10% off.

How is everyone?

We know, we've been remiss in not keeping the blog up to date. We've put on two new speaker lines: Sonner and Aretai and made a couple videos.

Our reviewer, and apparently most all reviewers - claim this man, Tom Evans, is a legend and we had to hear his phono amps. We finally got ours in and sure enough we were pretty stunned.

We also made a video of that one. So the following posts will have some links in them. Summer is approaching and all of us welcome the warmer drier weather.

Be well everyone. Be musical and on with the posts