Wednesday, April 18, 2018

What is WRONG with my SYSTEM!! There's so much STATIC!!!

Zerostat at True Audiophile
We get this kind of static all the time. Especially in the winter months when its typical for a TT to generate static in dry heated air.

That 'slurp' you hear when you turn over your record is not good. It'll swamp the stylus and eventully your entire table.

Aside from getting a humidifier (which we strongly recommend for stereo rooms in the winter) there's still only one device that removes static. I guess that's why they call things classics.

Zerostat is the way to go. Its been the way to go. So give up. Get one. Then go back to happy listening.

Monday, April 9, 2018

Little Onzow. No Dust. Just Big Recommendation

ZeroDust. 2018 Stereophile Recommended

We love this little stylus cleaner, our customers love this little stylus cleaner, Now Stereophile 2018 Recommends it.

Onzow Zero Dust stylus cleaner: $39.99 ★

"A circular mound of semi-gelatinous goop in a box, onto which you gently lower your stylus," said MF. Use is simple: "After a few seconds, you lift the stylus, and it's as clean and residue-free as the proverbial whistle....Upside: no potentially dangerous brushing, and no fluids. 

Downside: if you like to leave your platter spinning, you'll have to stop it each time, or find another steady surface upon which to perform the operation." (What they’re saying is just keep a finger on your platter so it doesn’t move while cleaning. Ridiculously simple)

HelloHello HelloHello

Ikeda Mono Cartridge. 2018 Recommended

Stereophile 2018 Recommended Components Recommends the Ikeda Sound Labs Mono Cartridge:

Ikeda Sound Labs 9mono MC: $4400

Said by Ikeda to have been developed from the ground up as a mono rather than a stereo cartridge, the 9mono nonetheless incorporates two coils—both oriented vertically, to respond only to horizontal groove modulations—in an effort to prevent hum problems when used with stereo electronics. 

The 9mono has a double-wall duralumin cantilever, an elliptical stylus, an aluminum body, and a rather low (2 ohms) impedance; output is also low (0.22mV), as is compliance—although the recommended tracking force is a moderate 1.8gm. 

The 9mono impressed MF with its "smooth, burnished overall sound" and transient performance that was "on the smooth and polite side," though he also noted its "impressive transparency" and "especially fine rendering of stage depth." (Vol.39 No.6)

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Small but Mighty

AudioQuest Anti-Static Record Brush
We needed to properly take care of our TT customers. Everyone needs a brush. Naturally, we went through all of them before selecting the AudioQuest. Just the best of the bunch.

Pick one up.

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Kai - the Giant who Roared

Kai Highly Recommend Cartridge. Find it now at True Audiophile.

Ikeda Sound Labs Kai cartridge is the top of the line for Ikeda and everyone who's purchased one is estatic - now Stereophile Recommended Components 2018 concurs

Ikeda Sound Labs Kai: 
The top model of a five-cartridge line, the Kai is made in Japan by Ikeda Sound Labs, a company created by Fidelity Research founder Isamu Ikeda. 

The Kai is a low-output (0.19mV) MC design whose boron cantilever sports a Micro-Ridge stylus. Its alumite body is topped with a plate of titanium, resulting in a highish mass of 11.5gm—which goes hand in hand with a level of suspension compliance that MF described as "appropriately low." 

Using the low-impedance (2.5 ohms) Kai with his Ypsilon MC26-L transformer, MF enjoyed "explosive dynamic swings" and "an unmistakably deep, wide, and tall soundstage." He also praised the cartridge's "electrostatic-like transparency" and "fast and clean transients," while noting that the Kai's tonal balance "pushed toward the cool." Use with a high-mass tonearm is recommended.

Kuzma 4 Point Tone Arms get the Acclaim They Deserve

Kuzma 4-Point now at True Audiophile

Kuzma 4 Point Tone arms have been high recommended to use by TT experts who are flown all over the world to set up tables - and now Stereophile 2018 Recomended agrees:

Designed by Franc Kuzma, this brilliant pivoted tonearm takes its name from its four-point bearing system: Four carefully arranged points contact four cups, permitting the arm to move in both the vertical and lateral planes while avoiding the chatter of gimbaled bearings and the instability of unipivot designs. 

It has an effective length of 11", a pivot-to-spindle distance of 10.3", an overhang of 0.6", an effective mass of 0.4oz, and a total weight of 3.63 lbs. Its removable headshell made swapping cartridges painless, while adjustment of VTF, VTA, antiskating, and azimuth were all relatively simple. With its outstanding immediacy, transparency, and overall coherence, the 4Point consistently exceeded Mikey's expectations. 

Compared to the combo of Continuum Cobra arm and Ortofon A90 cartridge, the 4Point with Lyra Titan i offered greater timbral, textural, and image solidity, said MF. "I'm in love," he concluded. Compared with the Continuum Audio Labs Cobra, the Kuzma sounded more natural and more energetic. "The Kuzma 4Point may be the finest tonearm out there, period," said MF. The Kuzma matched the Graham Phantom II Supreme's detail retrieval and neutrality but offered greater speed and coherence, said MF. Also offered with regular phono cables/no RCA box for $6375

Friday, March 23, 2018

Sniff, sniffsniffsniff.....snifff.

Flux HiFi Ultrasonic Stylus Cleaner at True Audiophile


Our sensitive phono nose continues its quest to find the very best turntable accessories. Dry brush? Meh. Onzow  oh better. Now the ultimate care for your investment hits the mark with this amazing Stylus Cleaner. The ultrasonic cleaner by Flux HiFi Sonic.

This is the safest and most effective Stylus Cleaner available. You need to hear your investment and this will make it happen.

You need this!