Thursday, March 15, 2018

How much did Stereophile LOVE the MoFi MasterTracker Cartridge?

Stereophile 2018 High Recommended

MoFi's best moving-magnet cartridge, the MasterTracker is built in Japan using a US-made body machined from aluminum for optimal resonance control. Its twin magnets, reportedly the lightest ones in MoFi's MM line, are aligned in a V formation parallel to the walls of a stereo groove, and its tapered aluminum cantilever is fitted with a Micro-line stylus. Pertinent specs include an output of 3.0mV and a downforce range of 1.8–2.2gm.

After using the MasterTracker with MoFi's UltraDeck record player, HR wrote that he had "never ever experienced such vitality and sharp focus from an MM cartridge," and that, "more surprisingly, this sharp focus did not come from lean, dry, or overdamped sound. The MasterTracker was simply getting all of the energy off the record."

Don't miss out on one.

Stereophile 2018 Recommended Component is also...

Stereophile 2018 Recomended Component
HiFiMan HE1000 V2:

Claimed to have the largest and lightest diaphragms in the history of headphones, the planar-magnetic HiFiMan HE1000 V2 builds on the strengths of the original HE1000, offering lighter weight (14.8 vs 16.9oz) and sturdier cables, plus ear-shaped earpads of thicker "pleather." Impedance is 35 ohms, sensitivity 90dB. According to HR, the V2s are "extremely transparent, and excel at imaging and spatiality."

No less important, Herb noted, was that the V2s "did serpentine flow better than any headphones I know." He added that their low sensitivity "never once let the music hesitate, or lack for sparkle or momentum." Icing on a good-sounding cake: the V2s impressed HR as being "way more comfortable than any Audeze model."

Naturally, you can get one here.

Stereophile 2018 Recommends...

MoFi UltraDeck 2018 Stereophile Recommended Component

"Decades after the first Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab record comes the first MoFi record player—the UltraDeck turntable with Ultra tonearm, both made in the US and created with design input from Spiral Groove's Allen Perkins.

The UltraDeck's sturdy plinth comprises three aluminum plates bonded to the top of an MDF core, and its belt-driven platter—machined from Delrin and weighing 6.8 lbs—rides on an inverted bearing. Four height-adjustable feet, designed in collaboration with Harmonic Resolution Systems (HRS), support the plinth.

The Ultra tonearm has a 10" aluminum armtube, Cardas wiring, and a gimbaled bearing. According to HR, the UltraDeck, when used with MoFi's top-of-the-line moving-magnet cartridge, the MasterTracker (a $2198 package; the MasterTracker is sold separately for $699), didn't provide the "deep 'black' backgrounds or enormous sound spaces" of the considerably more expensive AMG Giro G9 player, "but it did present me with an infectious, easy-flowing, liquid vitality."

According to Herb, the MoFi combo "had stronger energy, achieved bigger dynamic swings, and was more detailed than comparatively priced 'tables from VPI and Rega."

Everyone we've sold these to is blown away. Get one here.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

EAT E-GLOW S Tubed Phono Stage Stuns reviewers and Audiophiles Worldwide.

EAT E-Glo S Now at True Audiophile

Priding ourselves at nosing out the best analog like some crazed truffle seeking audio pig, we have to share this find. Or better yet. We'll let Tone Audio Magazine take it from here.

"A $2,995 Marvel – The EAT E-Glo S Hybrid/Tube Phonostage.

European Audio Team’s E-Glo S (named for its glowing vacuum tubes jutting out of the casework) offers up a sound that is mellow, defined, and dynamic.

You rarely get that out of five-figure phonostages, much less one for $2,995. With phono preamplifier prices reaching the stratosphere, what is the performance minded analog lover to do? European Audio Team’s Glow S, is incredible and we’ll do our best to tell you why in the next thousand words. But it certainly makes an outstanding first impression."-- Tone Audio

Jump on it before it goes to back order.

When Best isn't Good Enough for Andrew Jones and ELAC.

Elac Debut 2.0 at True Audiophile
Of course many of your know the Debut series are insanely musical for silly cheap. Well, of course that wasn't good enough for Andrew.

Annoucing Debut 2.0 A redo of what was already brilliant. Better bracing, better tweeter, front port for easier placement.

Friday, February 23, 2018


STOP! JUST STOP!!!! buying old used audio or "vintage" without re-capping it.

This seems like a local phenomenon, but we suspect it reaches everywhere. Your audio gear is loaded with electrolytic capacitors which have a shelf life of 10 years and an in-use life of 5-7 years. Any tech, manufacturer or tech house will concurr.

What happens after that? They slowly and surely degrade until the sound is dull. Many consider the sound being 'vintage'. It is not. Its not what the gear sounded like new.
Most of you here understand all this however there seem to be a growing number that simply don't and waste their money.

There's plenty of good gear around at good prices - new - and you get a warranty.

Of course if its a valuable peice like Mac, Fisher, HH Scott, Marantz, etc then have it rebuilt. You'll be astonished.

Here's a video we did as a public service.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Mofi Introduces the Improved Record Weight.

Mofi Super Heavyweight. At True Audiophile.

Mofi Super HeavyWeight at True Audiophile

Only 2+ years in development :-) Who else but Mofi would go to the most extremes to make sure their remasters are heard properly.

This Noise killing record weight developed by HRS for MoFi eliminates groove, motor and bearing noise.

If you've heard the Mofi tables you'll believe it. Works with all tables regardless of price or manufacturer.