Saturday, December 23, 2017

Mobile Fidelity just rocked our Vinyl World.

MoFi UltraDeck at True Audiophile

We've been searching for years trying to find lower cost turntables that didn't sacrifice sonics for a lower price.

There was massive pressure on their reputation if these tables and phono stages didn't live up to Mobile Fidelity's history.

We admit it, they did it. Two incredible tables from $999-1799.00 with tech that just shouldn't be possible at that pricing. Phono stages $249-499 (with Class-A HP amp) and Stellar Handmade Cartridges.

You will not be disappointed. Shop Now.

Sunday, December 17, 2017

iFi is here. Incredible Sonics for Very Little Money

iFi is here at True Audiophile
The entire line of iFi is now at True Audiophile. What separates these products from the normal inexpensive audio products is they were designed by Audio Guru's who regularly design quite expensive gear.

They took all their knowledge and many of the superior parts - like an incredible list of the best of the best for each section - and put it into products that sound way beyond their price. They regularly put to shame gear that's astronomically more than these.

We had our Headphone experts listen to loads of headphone amps and had to drop many quite famous names because these flat out beat them.

The phono stage is a jewel outperforming ones double to quadruple their price.

Don't miss out! Wonderful presents that show you know your sound.

Time for some Holiday Help!

Elac Holiday Sale at True Audiophile
Elac Holiday Sale is now on at True Audiophile. Save up to $150!

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