Saturday, February 10, 2018

The Godfather of Analog Plays EAT B-Sharp

EAT B-Sharp at True Audiophile
EAT B-Sharp continues to impress. This time, the Godfather of Analog -- Michael Fremer

The EAT B-Sharp is a most enjoyable moderately priced turntable that does most things correctly …within the price category. Its speed accuracy and consistency made listening pleasurable and relaxing. Imaging was stable and well-defined as was soundstaging. The ‘table and Ortofon Blue produced a satisfying spread and good sense of depth. In terms of colorations, as the tap test indicated, the B-Sharp tends toward a slight warmth in the upper mid-bass but the lower octaves are well-presented and bass through a system no doubt more robust and extended than with which this turntable is likely to be matched was well-controlled overall, deeper than expected and only slightly exaggerated.
I can say is that you won't regret buying this one.

I can also say that the EAT B-Sharp is a well-constructed turntable with a high performance arm capable of handling a wide range of cartridges including far more expensive ones than the 2M Blue and with its full range of adjustments has advantages over some of the competition. -- Michael Fremer Analog Planet 2018

Naturally its for sale in our store. Explore the B-Sharp.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Sundara The Beautiful by HiFiMan

Ok, in Sandskrit, Sundara means “beautiful” or “lovely. So our title is not a reach.

The HiFiMan Sundara's is a product we've waited nearly a year to come out. They replace the much loved 400i headphones and have made the wait worth it. 

Rather than give you all the specs you can easily find on it page within our site, we thought it would be nice to collect reviews and let you hear them during the unboxing. Enjoy watching. When you're ready here's its product page where you can buy a pair.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Michael Fremer has a new Little Fwend

Little Fwend gets thumbs up from Michael Fremer - the grandfather of analog.

"It's an easy product to recommend for its thoughtful packaging, excellent instructions, high-quality construction and especially for how gently and reliably it does its job." -- Michael Fremer Analog Planet.

You can find Little Fwend in our store.

Video of the B-Sharp Turntable unboxing at True Audiophile

Here's a video of the B-Sharp at True Audiophile. You can see it through assembly and us dialing it in. As HiFi Choice Audio Magazine Review says: "EAT B-Sharp never-the-less is well conceived and put together, and proves to be a fine-sounding package. Just as the manufacturer intended, it feels like a stripped down high-end design, rather then a tarted up budget one. In Super Pack form for a whisker under 1600 USD, its a great value for the money and an essential audition. Sound Quality: 5 stars, Value for Money 5 Stars, Build Quality 5 stars"

Go to the B-Sharp page now.

Why EAT?

EAT B-Sharp at True Audiophile

Just had an educational chat with EAT USA master TT guru, Roy. Although he sees and works on these tables every day - hey maybe too many days a week, Roy, take a rest - he's always excited to talk about their unique differences and the USA influence on EAT.

Roy went into all the special aspects of their carbon fiber arm mated to the aluminum headshell to properly balance out and dampen the resonance frequencies of both. Something he reminds us is not done with solid arms of the bigger names. The large head above the arm pivot also uses its mass to balance the force and dampening especially when combined with the special floating sub-chassis with thermo plastic elastomers TPE (made by Ortofon especially for EAT).

This, in turn, works with the isolation adjustable feet. Even the record clamp is USA influenced. Many record clamps that screw down have such force exerted by owners that the outer lip of the record actually raises up. To counter this, the EAT clamp has a concave inner shape that prevents that from happening. Initially, a USA request, all EAT B-Sharps worldwide are now shipped with this clamp.

The low noise motor is also isolated to dampen the harmful resonance frequencies further. Add a 3.9 lb aluminum platter, fully adjustable arm (VTA/RSA/Azumith) and an Ortofon Blue cartridge as standard -- you get a lot of table for the price.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

How many years has it been Little Fwend?

Little Fwend at True Audiophile
How many years??! Yes, it's been that long that we've been looking for an automatic tonearm lift that looked like it belonged on your table and not a child's booster seat.

Finally, and ignore the name, Little Fwend has developed a gorgeous and elegant solution. They come in two sizes depending on the height of your platter.

Smooth and gentle action. Little Fwend is the big answer to the dilemma. Buy one now on our site.

We've even made a Video for a closer look:

Friday, January 19, 2018

Hole in your Vinyl? We have suggestions to fill it.

EAT now at True Audiophile

While we absolutely love TransRotor tables we know everyone can't afford them. So the quest for brilliant entry tables that sound closer to expensive tables has finally ended. Along with the MoFi turntables, we have included E.A.T. turntables in our store.

EAT tables are not just beautiful to look at, they are spectacular to listen to for vinyl playback. The reviews are not just mere reviews, they're raves. Carbon fiber, excellent isolations, optional Orotfon cartridges, and more.

They fill the holes in our offerings from $1595, $2494 and up. You now have an excellent selection for the best values in turntables.

While we only have a few models on our site we carry the entire line. Just enquire if you don't see it.

Check them out in our store.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

The Giant Killer of MC Cartridge without the Giant Price

Hana MC Cartridges at True Audiophile
A quest to save lower end TT owners from themselves and dealers who will show them whatever at whatever price without concern for the performance, we continually listen and search.

The Hana series E and S are thrilling and insane for what they deliver for very little investment.

...Giant Killer was one buyer's comment. Redefining the budget phono cartridge another review. These are excellent numbers for any cartridge at any price...says The Absolute Sound.

These are excellent numbers for any cartridge at any price.
“Highly musical…records were effortlessly engaging.” – Stereophile

“A first -class MC cartridge” – STEREO (Germany)

“Remarkably smooth frequency response…terrific value for the money.” – HiFi World (UK)

“Details are realistic and revealing…maximum definition.” – Haute Fidélité (France)

“In the same class as a cartridge costing 10x the price.” – TNT Audio (Italy)

We're very happy that you can now buy them in our store. Enjoy high end at low-end pricing.

Buy Now.

Saturday, January 6, 2018


While we could make the argument that all of our carefully curated products are best in class - there are some that are so shocking for what they do at their prices, we couldn't ignore the incredible benefits.

To give you the heads up we started a Thumbs Up Club. We created a BEST in CLASS Award that you'll start seeing on selected products. Just what it says. You can't do better than this!