Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Takatsuki TA-300B Vacuum tubes arrive. The finest 300B made today

Takatsuki TA-300B tubes. World Finest.
Now at True Audiophile

OK, enough screwing around with 300B tubes. We now carry the World's Finest 300B tubes made today. Breathtaking not only for their magical sonics but for the amazing longevity.

The famous Takatsuki 300B tubes are now in our store. They have been near impossible to find. We have them.

Yes, they are pricey. However, they are the best and they last for a very, very long time. Reviewers love them. Audiophiles are crazy about them. Your ears deserve them.

Click Here to get a pair now or find out more.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Dial in your Turntable the easy way with the new SMARTstylus now at True Audiophile

SMARTstylus tool now at True Audiophile

In our continuing quest to help people set up their TT's as best as possible without hiring a specialist, we now carry the SMARTstylus by Acoustic Systems: SRA/VTA/Azimuth tool. This will help you get your arm and cartridge close enough that your ears will tell you the rest to dial it in.

You invested a lot in your records and no doubt your table/arm/cartridge. Get the most out of it with this tool and the SmartTracktor tool by Acoustic Systems. Find out more now.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Goodbye to summer and what customers are saying about us

Hello fall and cooler temps and audio sounds from True Audiophile

As we say goodbye to an incredible [HOT] summer and settle into HiFi season we thought we'd share some recent comments about us from customers:

... I've noticed is an increase in speed, crisper highs, tighter bass and, most importantly, a pretty dramatic increase in resolution. Very dense passages such as large chorus and orchestra are much more defined than I think they've ever been. Overall a lot more enjoyable to listen to. This is with the old cca's. I'm hoping that I can get some fresh tubes into it early in the year. I'm delighted with it as it is now, so things can only get better! Thank you again. [service upgrade]

Your room was definitely a standout.

I enjoyed our conversation today and was extremely impressed by your characterization and honesty re the Audion amplifiers.

Thank you very much.

Oh. That is great! Thanks!

I'm still reverberating with the feeling of spending time with you and the wonderful sounds/music, and I'll definitely be recommending True Audiophile to others.

Wow, so soon! [service upgrade]

Awesome thanks!!

I love my Okki MK2, excellent RCM

...love the RCM! [okki nokki] much better than anything else out there

Thank you for your prompt, professional service and great communication.  I am enjoying my new cables.  I look forward to doing business with you again.

Thank you!

Just what Portland needs! A high end store with incredible service and a comfortable listening space.

Thanks again for all your help with the amp its sounding great, dead quite and clear as a bell [service upgrade]

They [Quattro] sound amazing. There is no more smearing of sounds. It's as if I’m hearing music for the first time. I would simply like to say thank you.

Many, many thanks for your prompt help. I’ll let Audion know that your help was indispensable to solving my problem.

The power conditioner cleaned up a lot of the noise. Unbelievable. You have a customer for life!

I love my Audion KT120. Excellent sales and service!

I highly recommend True Audiophile.

Thank you for your prompt, professional service and great communication.  I am enjoying my new cables.  I look forward to doing business with you again.

Thank you so very much for your time and support on getting back to me so quickly.

Just awesome service!!!!!!