Sunday, May 7, 2023

Tom Evans Audio Phono Stages. Perhaps the best review was from a very successful horn man: 

"Once I heard the realism of Tom's products and experienced the excitement and passion they were capable of, that was it! I was supremely hooked!"

When our MasterGroove came and we switch it on, our jaws went wonky. We had to have everyone sit done and listen to see if we were nuts....

Watch our video of the piece below:


The Aretai 100S. We often say we search the world for the best sonic value at every price. While it can be a trite marketing message, we take it very much to heart.

 These speakers come from Latvia and have won the prestigious Red Dot award for Industrial Design. Horn loaded. They go way lower than any stand mount speaker has a right to go.

See our video on these below.


 Of course, we made one for the Sonner Legato Unum's older brother. 

The Sonner Allegro

You can see the video below


See the video we made for the Sonner Legato Unum. This speaker has won so many awards from all the magazines we were almost suspicious. 
Naturally, we heard from everyone else did so follow the link and enjoy.
We also have a special bundle price that allow you to get 10% off.

How is everyone?

We know, we've been remiss in not keeping the blog up to date. We've put on two new speaker lines: Sonner and Aretai and made a couple videos.

Our reviewer, and apparently most all reviewers - claim this man, Tom Evans, is a legend and we had to hear his phono amps. We finally got ours in and sure enough we were pretty stunned.

We also made a video of that one. So the following posts will have some links in them. Summer is approaching and all of us welcome the warmer drier weather.

Be well everyone. Be musical and on with the posts

Thursday, January 12, 2023


See True Audiophile Mini Review & Unboxing. Vertere Phono Stage
Vertere Acoustics Award-winning PHONO-1 MkII "L" Phono Stage, re-defines phono stages at its Price.
This is the New Vertere PHONO-1 MKII L which features improved performance, a new gold-plated L-shaped Printed Circuit Board and significantly enhanced accessibility for the customisated DIP switches.
What Hi-Fi? Awards 2021 winner. One of the finest phono stages we’ve heard at the price Tested at $1599.00
There’s no doubt that the Phono-1 MkII is a terrific performer for the money. Supply it with a suitably capable deck and you’ll get a sound that will have you listening well into the night. It’s insightful and reveals far more than most alternatives, but the Vertere’s real strength is that it never trades musical enjoyment for analysis. That’s a surprisingly rare trait in premium hi-fi.
Sound 5
Features 5
Build 4
Best to see its video on the product page or our YouTube Channel:
True Audiophile is dedicated to providing people with music playback that is as stunning as it is an incredible value at every price point.



Stereo or mono this new state of the art offering from Miyajima Labs will produce more musicality from mono LP's than anything you have heard from the LP format.

All the reviewers agree to this statement.

Miyajima Labs "Zero" is the best product in a monaural cartridge.

Zero improved sound quality more by the axis of the non-magnetic body.

Enjoy clearer sound quality.

Best to view the video mini review on the product page or our YouTube channel

True Audiophile is dedicated to providing people with music playback that is as stunning as it is an incredible value at every price point.


See the Miyajima Carbon Stereo Cartridge. The Best Value for performance.

If you read or heard that we really wanted this legendary line of cartridges, you're about to see why. The Miyajima Carbon's thin cantilever is chosen for present the Takumi's uniform sound quality, yet albeit touch softer. By inserting carbon nanofibers into the cantilever, the sound quality has a clear outline and core. The sound quality is spectacular and balanced. True Audiophile is dedicated to providing people with music playback that is as stunning as it is an incredible value at every price point.

Best to view the video on our product page or YouTube Channel

 See True Audiophile Mini Review & Unboxing. Michell gorgeous Gyro Turntable

The Michell Engineering Gyro SE Turntable. An Icon. A work of art. A sonic delight at its price.

AWARD WINNER PRODUCT OF THE YEAR 2022 : To my eyes, the Michell Syro SE is a thing of beauty in every way—from material choice, to design, to build quality which strikes me as fairly astounding given its price. I will be talking about how it sounds in the not too distant future. Right now, I find myself just looking throughout the day to see how the changing light makes a movie in shadows.

True Audiophile is dedicated to providing people with music playback that is as stunning as it is an incredible value at every price point.

The video is a bit long. View it on the product page or our YouTube Channel

Thursday, January 5, 2023


The All New Pure Class-A Audio Hungary A75i

It's finally here. After years of development, the replacement for the A50i is available. Pure Class-A. 75 real tube watts.

Available in black or silver.

Check it out.

Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Happy 2023! Sorry for the long delay

Hey Everyone. One of the True people yelled at us over the holidays because we've severely neglected this blog.

In meager defense, we have been updating our Facebook page and our YouTube channel.

Ok, no excuse. So here's our promise: We'll be updating, reviewing and blogging appropriately in 2023.

We have new products coming in the spirit of 'best value at its price, regardless of price'.

Since its been a while we should restate our goal: we are committed to only carrying the most musical products we can find. And we search the globe for these products - literally.

You'll see products here that will test your audio knowledge. What you will never see is brands that have been marketed to death and then produced as cheaply as possible for maximum profit.

As lifelong Audiophiles, we've been down that depressing road. So we are committed to only carrying products that we ourselves would buy.

The motto around here is: Passion over Profit.