Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Elrog 300B Vacuum Tubes begin to arrive at True Audiophile

Elrog 300B Now at True Audiophile

Elrog 300B Now at True Audiophile
Elrog 300B backside Now at True Audiophile

Elrog 300B compared to standard 300B

They're heeeeeeeere. Ok bad old, very old, reference. The new Elrog 300B vacuum tubes began arriving today and they are sweet. The first order is completely sold out and we have only one pair left (as of today) for next week's shipment. Then we will be taking pre-orders again. Elrog is a very small company. Every tube must meet MilSpec requirements so not all tubes make it and thus the output of these handmade tubes is low. We will get what we can when we can. If you really want a pair best to contact us and go through the pre-order deposit process to guarantee you get a pair.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Now most products Ship FREE

Free Shipping now at True Audiophile
For a limited time we offer free shipping on most everything we sell. Take advantage of this great offer. Tax free and free shipping. That's an incredible savings!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Check out the unboxing and set up video of the new Transrotor Crescendo Nero

We are blown away how beautiful looking and sounding this table is in person. A work of art both technically and aesthetically. The Transrotor Crecsendo Nero is also available as the Blanco or White version. Both are available in our store and the Nero is available for demo now in our Portland Showroom. The SmarTractor shown at the end of the video is naturally for sale in our store as well.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Nice review of our room at the California Audio Show 2014

Part Time Audiophile review of the True Audiophile Room at CA Audio Show 2014
Part time Audio did a midnight run on our room a couple weeks ago before the first day of the California Audio Show. It was really nice to be able to get them back when we were actually open.

Check out their full review.

Of course the new Audion 300B SE will look like the image below. Audion couldn't get us the metal work in time. This is the first one in the world.

TransRotor Crescendo Nero arriving for demo

TransRotor Crescendo Nero not on demo at True Audiophile

We are jazzed to be able to announce our Portland Showroom is getting the outrageously beautiful looking and sounding TransRotor Crescendo this week for demo. This table is unlike any other on the market right now and has the unique feature of having magnetic drive - a feature TR invented and was previously only available on their $100K+ tables. 

Book a listening session today.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Audiophiliac Steve Guttenberg at CNET discovers the Pandora VI Headphones

Pandora VI Headphones at True Audiophile

We are very happy Steve discovered these wonderful headphones. We sell quite a few with people commenting they're the best HPs they've heard.

We tested some electrostatic headphones and finally gave up because the Pandora were oh so awfully close and far less expensive.

"There's an intimacy to the sound that lets you hear the vocalists breathe, cymbal shimmer with greater fidelity, and deep bass never sounds thick or muddy. Soft-to-loud dynamic contrasts are viscerally felt, other headphones tap the energy levels down a few notches...Pandora Hope VI is awfully impressive. I was surprised that while it was brighter than the other headphones it never sounded harsh with reasonably well-recorded music. It's a closed-back design, but sounded spacious in ways that felt like an open-back headphone." Steve Guttenberg. Read the full review