Thursday, January 12, 2023


See True Audiophile Mini Review & Unboxing. Vertere Phono Stage
Vertere Acoustics Award-winning PHONO-1 MkII "L" Phono Stage, re-defines phono stages at its Price.
This is the New Vertere PHONO-1 MKII L which features improved performance, a new gold-plated L-shaped Printed Circuit Board and significantly enhanced accessibility for the customisated DIP switches.
What Hi-Fi? Awards 2021 winner. One of the finest phono stages we’ve heard at the price Tested at $1599.00
There’s no doubt that the Phono-1 MkII is a terrific performer for the money. Supply it with a suitably capable deck and you’ll get a sound that will have you listening well into the night. It’s insightful and reveals far more than most alternatives, but the Vertere’s real strength is that it never trades musical enjoyment for analysis. That’s a surprisingly rare trait in premium hi-fi.
Sound 5
Features 5
Build 4
Best to see its video on the product page or our YouTube Channel:
True Audiophile is dedicated to providing people with music playback that is as stunning as it is an incredible value at every price point.

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