Monday, April 29, 2013

bel canto e.One C7R - probably the Best deal in Reference Audio.

bel canto e.One C7R
When we first heard the e.One bel canto C7R Integrated at CES we couldn't believe all that music was coming from this small unassuming component. The Bel Canto C7R has an outstanding 115dB dynamic range and bel canto proprietary low-noise D-to-A convertors are based on their award-winning DAC circuit.

The FM section is close to their FM1 in performance and the DAC section has the most of the 2.5 bel canto dac. It has 5 digital inputs, including a high resolution USB input, MM Phono and a Line level input the C7R is a complete core for a high
performance entertainment system. Just add a Mac Mini or other computer, a turntable and pair of high quality loudspeakers and you have a complete entertainment system.

Did we say turntable? Yes, even turntables can be hooked up to the unit. Naturally, if you've read the Stereophile review you'll know its a game changer or as they said, "Re-invents the receiver".

Here's a link to it in our store.

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