Monday, July 29, 2013

The Ruby Pines

We teased this on our facebook page and here is the promised video and a video link.

Moorea Masa and Michael Backus
The Ruby Pines comprise Moorea Masa and Michael Backus with a choir at times.

So here's the poop. We innocently went to the Clinton Street Block Party on Saturday. Live bands and music as usual. We saw this diminutive figure begin orbiting the microphone, but being very jaded music fans we looked on with more curiosity than admiration. As the powerful notes began coming out of that small body we immediately ran to the mixer to find out who that was as we stood there fixated on the singer Moorea Masa.

Previously mentioned on facebook The Ruby Pines just got back from NYC and the Blue Note. We missed most of their shows here because, well, who knew? While Portland based, we read up on Moorea who was schooled in the UK in the arts and even has her own story of the infamous Simon on American Idol. Moorea is astonishing and if any of you ever see them coming to your town you should go see them.

Here's another clip of The Ruby Pines in Cathedral Park with the famous St. Johns Bridge above. This bridge was designed by the same engineers just prior to doing the Golden Gate Bridge. Sadly the acoustics aren't the finest but if you go to The Ruby Pines site you can and should buy their music.

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