Monday, January 27, 2014

Silverline Minuet Supreme

Silverline Minuet Supreme now at True Audiophile
We've heard previous versions of the small speaker in the past and were always floored. We never heard any small speaker come close. Many people at the shows kept looking for the subwoofer. Us included.

Finally after hearing all the players we decided Silverline Minuet Supreme were too much of a speaker  to pass on and we now carry them. In Rosewood as shown they only $699/pair. This is really amazing. We heard boutique speakers that were more and couldn't touch these. Silk dome tweeter/pulp paper cone mid/woofer -- just a joy to listen to every kind of music. Power is 10 - 300 Watts.

We're going to carry some spectacular nano component from Japan that combined with those will make a smokin' mini system. At the same time these are perfect for small room and a good system.

There's more coming from CES as we sign the agreements. Very special audio gear at great value. All selected for sonics and price. Shop now.

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