Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Audiophiliac Steve Guttenberg at CNET discovers the Pandora VI Headphones

Pandora VI Headphones at True Audiophile

We are very happy Steve discovered these wonderful headphones. We sell quite a few with people commenting they're the best HPs they've heard.

We tested some electrostatic headphones and finally gave up because the Pandora were oh so awfully close and far less expensive.

"There's an intimacy to the sound that lets you hear the vocalists breathe, cymbal shimmer with greater fidelity, and deep bass never sounds thick or muddy. Soft-to-loud dynamic contrasts are viscerally felt, other headphones tap the energy levels down a few notches...Pandora Hope VI is awfully impressive. I was surprised that while it was brighter than the other headphones it never sounded harsh with reasonably well-recorded music. It's a closed-back design, but sounded spacious in ways that felt like an open-back headphone." Steve Guttenberg. Read the full review


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