Thursday, October 2, 2014

We give in. Isoclean fuses rule at True Audiophile

Isoclean fuses at True Audiophile

After a lot of investigating whether fuses make a real world difference rather than just makes sense we give in. Audio fuses using good materials do make a difference. The Isoclean fuses are the most neutral and musical we've heard to date. Direction is very important as you will immediately hear the difference. As far as improvement these are a lot of bang for your audio buck. Its like having a mini power conditioner added to your component. Makes sense when you think about what type of internal wiring is best and then you rely on the cheapest materials to pass the voltage into your component or from within the signal path. Make sure you don't have a product that likes to eat fuses or this is a waste. All of our products are stable so we can highly recommend these fuses.

Easily the simplest mod you can make.

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