Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The amazingly unique and Precision Thales turntables and tone-arms are here!

Thales Compact turntable now at True Audiophile

With all the tremendous show reports and reviews we agree and now carry Thales unique turntables: The Compact and the Slim. The are very unassuming looking tables that are tremendous performers, including built-in DC battery supplies for the quietest presentation.

Thales innovative tone-arms now at True Audiophile

We also carry Thales incredibly unique tone-arms: The Simplicity and the Easy. These are very different from any other tone-arms. As you explore the arms you'll see they have a special mechanism that keeps the tangent the same throughout the tracking of the disk. No more compromises from outer to inner!

You can see the entire line by clicking here which includes Thales cables - a must for serious analog listening.

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