Friday, September 2, 2016

AirTight rare 30th Anniversary ATM300 stereo amplifier

AirTight 30th Anniversary ATM 300. Now at True Audiophile
Now for the something very, very special.

AirTight is making only 100 of these amazing 300B stereo amps for the entire world. Designed to commemorate the third decade of Miura-san’s celebrated company. Handcrafted in Japan and rated at 10Wpc. Hand-signed by the founder Atsushi Muira.

The 30th Anniversary, AirTight ATM-300L features new step-up transformers and Takatsuki 300B tubes hand-blown by Kyoto craftsmen to precise specs that are hand-matched to plus or minus 1 percent. These tubes were chosen by Mr. Miura for their longevity, reliability, and consistency of sound quality

We are very honored to be able to offer this amp to our customers. We don't have a very big allotment. Hesitate and you'll miss a collector's item. 8 of these are already gone to thrilled customers.

Don't miss this very special collector's item.

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