Friday, March 24, 2017

Audio Alchemy wins TAS 2017 Editors Choice Award

Audio Alchemy wins TAS 2017 Editors Choice award for amps $1000-$3000.

For the second year in a row Audio Alchemy wins Editor's Choice Award.

DPA-1 and DPA-1M $1995 and $3990/pr.

Audio Alchemy’s DPA-1 stereo amplifier and DPA-1M monoblock deliver superb sound in an affordable and compact package. Both amplifiers are identical except for output power. The circuit is based on Class A input and driver stages and a switching output section. The DPA-1 offers 125W into 8 ohms, a figure that climbs to 325W with the monoblock. These amps are characterized by outstanding bass extension, control, and authority, coupled with explosive dynamics. They also excel at throwing a huge and three-dimensional soundstage with precise image specificity.

Own one with a couple clicks.

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