Friday, January 19, 2018

Hole in your Vinyl? We have suggestions to fill it.

EAT now at True Audiophile

While we absolutely love TransRotor tables we know everyone can't afford them. So the quest for brilliant entry tables that sound closer to expensive tables has finally ended. Along with the MoFi turntables, we have included E.A.T. turntables in our store.

EAT tables are not just beautiful to look at, they are spectacular to listen to for vinyl playback. The reviews are not just mere reviews, they're raves. Carbon fiber, excellent isolations, optional Orotfon cartridges, and more.

They fill the holes in our offerings from $1595, $2494 and up. You now have an excellent selection for the best values in turntables.

While we only have a few models on our site we carry the entire line. Just enquire if you don't see it.

Check them out in our store.

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