Thursday, March 29, 2018

Kai - the Giant who Roared

Kai Highly Recommend Cartridge. Find it now at True Audiophile.

Ikeda Sound Labs Kai cartridge is the top of the line for Ikeda and everyone who's purchased one is estatic - now Stereophile Recommended Components 2018 concurs

Ikeda Sound Labs Kai: 
The top model of a five-cartridge line, the Kai is made in Japan by Ikeda Sound Labs, a company created by Fidelity Research founder Isamu Ikeda. 

The Kai is a low-output (0.19mV) MC design whose boron cantilever sports a Micro-Ridge stylus. Its alumite body is topped with a plate of titanium, resulting in a highish mass of 11.5gm—which goes hand in hand with a level of suspension compliance that MF described as "appropriately low." 

Using the low-impedance (2.5 ohms) Kai with his Ypsilon MC26-L transformer, MF enjoyed "explosive dynamic swings" and "an unmistakably deep, wide, and tall soundstage." He also praised the cartridge's "electrostatic-like transparency" and "fast and clean transients," while noting that the Kai's tonal balance "pushed toward the cool." Use with a high-mass tonearm is recommended.

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