Friday, October 4, 2013

Analysis Plus Audio Cables now at True Audiophile

Analysis Plus now at True Audiophile
Audiophiles love music and sonics but don't always have the money to go to extreme levels. Should these people suffer? Absolutely not as one of our customers. We know price doesn't always mean best performance. Its taken a lot of listening and hearing our reference system brought to its knees with so called bargain cables.

Analysis Plus Ultimate Oval
Now this no longer happens with Analysis Plus. Starting at $33.60 for interconnects its the same price you would waste at a big box store yet with AP you'll get sonic performance.

Their cables go all the way up to $1000.00/ power cord if you want the best of this tech but there the bulk of the line is a few hundred.

Analysis Plus has long been the #1 cable in the Pro world - you know the people who actually make the music we listen to - and the audio press has not overlooked these cables.

Whenever a Analysis Plus cable gets reviewed it gets raves. As well as Editors Choice

Check out the cables in our store.

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