Monday, October 28, 2013

Lou Reed 1942 - 2013

Lou Reed at mike
For many of us Lou Reed defined a rock generation. More popular bands filled the charts and the sales balance sheets. While Lou went the way of poet and street talker. From the high concept days of The Factory to finally nesting with the wonderful performance artist and musician Laurie Anderson, Lou lived several life times.

Lou forever at mike

He didn't have a singers voice yet his structures were haunting. There are more in depth obits vying for attention now on the net. Yet, Lou never really cared what other say..

"I don't give a %$#*," , "Who knows or cares?

"I don't expect anything at all from anything and I never have," Lou said. "I'm not trying to change anybody's mind about anything. I'm not trying to win anybody over. I'm happy to get up in the morning. I can tie my shoelaces. I haven't got hit by a car. I just love the music and sound and wanted to make it better, so if someone else wanted to hear it, they'd get some bang for the buck."

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