Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Elrog 300B's arrive again!

Elrog 300B tubes at True Audiophile
Matched pair of Elrog 300B tubes at True Audiophile

Elrog 300B Vacuum Tubes are redefining what people expect from a 300B. Worldwide raves continue to come in every day. From headphone amp users to those who considered various tube types to be the best suddenly proclaim the Elrog 300B more of everything they ever imagined after hearing them.

From True Audiophile customers:

"The Elrog ER-300B changes the picture for me. This is the best sounding output tube I ever listened to!..."

" I have to tell you, I was so taken by what I was hearing, it felt like I was being glued to my seat."

From a Head-Fi review of the Woo Audio amp by Fririce0003 ... the Elrog, oh my, it's just about ruined every 300B I had previously heard. It did everything right, I thought, without compromising. There was spade loads of detail, plenty of soundstage both width, depth and height. But what struck me most was the tonality and speed of this tube, the notes had plenty of weight to them and the leading edges and texturing were top notch. The tone of the tube was very well balanced and neutral, not detached like the EML either, the bass was fast and punchy, the mids were full and lush and the highs were crisp with a nice amount of sparkle. Now I can see why they sold out before they even shipped down here in Aus.

Our recent order is completely sold out but we have a new order coming the end of January. Time to pre-order to guarantee yourself a pair.

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