Thursday, January 15, 2015

A Note on Break in with Elrog 300B tubes

Elrog 300B tubes orientation notes

As many of our customers get their Elrog 300B tubes from True Audiophile a couple points seem to come up often enough that we wanted to cover them.

Firstly, and yes, for experienced users this might seem obvious but we've had customers who've owned their 300B amps for 20 years get confused. As you can see from he base two pins are larger than the other pins. This must correspond to the same in the tube base or you could plug them in backwards and poof! there goes your tube and investment. So its ok to take care when double checking the orientation.

Next is questions about breaking in the ER300B tubes.

Although the factory runs the tubes for 24 hours, we suggest getting to the magical 100 hours for full benefit. During this time our tech recommends thermal 'cycling' the tube. IE running it for hours then turning it off for 10 minutes. The back on and running it. You don't have to do this but apparently the metals form better this way.

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