Monday, April 9, 2018

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Ikeda Mono Cartridge. 2018 Recommended

Stereophile 2018 Recommended Components Recommends the Ikeda Sound Labs Mono Cartridge:

Ikeda Sound Labs 9mono MC: $4400

Said by Ikeda to have been developed from the ground up as a mono rather than a stereo cartridge, the 9mono nonetheless incorporates two coils—both oriented vertically, to respond only to horizontal groove modulations—in an effort to prevent hum problems when used with stereo electronics. 

The 9mono has a double-wall duralumin cantilever, an elliptical stylus, an aluminum body, and a rather low (2 ohms) impedance; output is also low (0.22mV), as is compliance—although the recommended tracking force is a moderate 1.8gm. 

The 9mono impressed MF with its "smooth, burnished overall sound" and transient performance that was "on the smooth and polite side," though he also noted its "impressive transparency" and "especially fine rendering of stage depth." (Vol.39 No.6)

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