Monday, April 9, 2018

Little Onzow. No Dust. Just Big Recommendation

ZeroDust. 2018 Stereophile Recommended

We love this little stylus cleaner, our customers love this little stylus cleaner, Now Stereophile 2018 Recommends it.

Onzow Zero Dust stylus cleaner: $39.99 ★

"A circular mound of semi-gelatinous goop in a box, onto which you gently lower your stylus," said MF. Use is simple: "After a few seconds, you lift the stylus, and it's as clean and residue-free as the proverbial whistle....Upside: no potentially dangerous brushing, and no fluids. 

Downside: if you like to leave your platter spinning, you'll have to stop it each time, or find another steady surface upon which to perform the operation." (What they’re saying is just keep a finger on your platter so it doesn’t move while cleaning. Ridiculously simple)

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