Friday, May 31, 2013

True Audiophile will be at THE Newport Show May 31 - June 2

True Audiophile at THE Newport Show 2013 5/31-6/2 at the Atrium Rm 313

True Audiophile will be at THE Newport Show at the Atrium. Room 313

They're having room naming problems. So if you see Aaudio that's still us.

We'll be showing the Audion 120. World's first Single Ended KT120 along with the legendary Black Shadow2 Mkll amps. We'll have the famous Audion 300B on display.

We'll be running computer audio in way you've never heard it. We'll feature Human Audio and a surprise. Wired with Revelation Audio Labs Digital cables.

The Auralea 309 Curved Speaker By Capriccio Continuo
 will be hooked up with all Stage III cables with the Deqx room correction and Atomic Audio Labs platforms. Along with the incredible HB Cable Design Power Slave Acrylic Reference power distribution. And Deqx digital room correction, the Deqx Mate. The new Deqx Express model will also be on display.

We look forward to seeing you there.

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