Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Little about True Audiophile

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We admit we have been so busy we forget to relate what makes us special. It doesn't come by accident. Its long hard hours and lots and lots of listening. And sometimes getting through the depression of inferior gear while looking for that piece that fulfills our musical requirements.

True Audiophile is is based on the goal of providing audiophiles, new and old, with the best sonic value in every class.

We very carefully select the brands we carry, first as audiophiles, second as retailers. If a product doesn't meet our sonic standards it doesn't matter how popular it is or how many sales we could make.

If we would never consider owning it personally then there is no reason for us to sell it professionally.

You will find stores that offer every audio product under the sun. That's great and sometimes the sound doesn't matter as much as the features. But it matters to us. Anything you find here has to be 'musical' and relate the entire musical spectrum without accentuating any one frequency. Or be fatiguing. Many of our customers are amazed that they've listened to an album for years yet when buying audio from us its like they were hearing it for the first time.

We want the entire tapestry of music. Nothing less.

What you will find at True Audiophile, whether you are local to Portland, or elsewhere in the U.S. is very unique audio products that will please and amaze you.

Since we're based in Portland, Oregon there's no sales tax no matter where you live. Email or call us at (503) 477-7808.

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