Monday, May 20, 2013

Metrum Acoustic Octave MkII DAC Arrives at True Audiophile

Inside the Metrum Acoustics Octave MkII

Getting a superior DAC at an affordable price is nearly impossible. You can find Chinese DACs all day long that are price driven, feature rich and sonically poor. 384k? Seriously? There's no recordings for that. There's barely 192K recordings to choose from. Going any higher means worthless bits unless the recording is created at an enormously high bit rate. So you're safe for many years to come.

What's special about the Metrum Acoustic Octave MkII DAC is its a no-nonsense dac that works on all the principals that deliver great sound and nothing more. It still has the USB module and unhooked, devoted USB power supply as the Hex. Multiple DAC chips and superior parts selection. Its compact only in its physical form. Its more musical than most everything near its price point except of course for the Human Audio Muto which we carry. For an AC powered DAC this is it at the price or twice the price.

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