Thursday, August 8, 2013

Never a quiet night - One Man and the Himselfs

Clarke and the Himselfs

True tribe is sitting minding their great Oregon beer and food at Interurban on Mississippi when we start hearing music. One of the True people says they saw gear going into a house and they must be practicing. More music and people are on the seats trying to look over the fences to see what's up. We leave looking for the music and one us finds it and goes up to the people asking if we could listen. They invite us to crash the birthday party and aside from more great beer, loads of fun new people we heard a one-man-band. 

Before Clarke and the Himselfs walked up to the mike and drum kit we were imagining the horrors of a one man band. Of course not. This musician knew his distortion and could jam. Very fun set. Sorry about the lighting.

You can find his music on bandcamp. Click here to go to his page. Here's his facebook page.

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