Monday, August 19, 2013

Soap, Suds, Rubber and Skins

Carrot and Banana discussing finer points of the derby

This was the first time we got a chance to see the Mt. Tabor Soapbox for adults. The entire mountain was filled with spectators which amounted to families and friends laughing, running around, drinking, sunning and, well, drinking.

Probably the best quote of the day was from a volunteer who told someone, "Its been beer-thirty since stupid-thirty in the morning". I think the day was wearing on him. :)

JFK and Jackie O prepare for a ride down the mountain
The questionable taste award goes to the JFK/Jackie-O soapbox caddie. Jackie was tastefully outfitted in full beard and wig while JFK wore a rubber mask. Driver was dutifully somber.

The carts in motion were shot on the part of the course called "Blood Alley" just before a nasty turn. Lots of hay bales around just in case these non aerodynamic rigs couldn't make it.

Great fun. The drum band was LRSD (Last Regiment of Syncopated Drummers). Deafeningly wonderful. They smacked those skins like a bad habit. Now that's low end down to the teen Hz. For those who couldn't make it enjoy.

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