Monday, August 12, 2013

The Ambient Bomb that went off at the Alberta Street Fair

The Alberta Street Fair:  good musicians, food, beer --- even kombucha on tap.

Four stages, and then at the beer garden where we hung out for a couple hours. Heard some good music. Then these guys came on stage. 1939 Ensemble. Ambient mash up and what the drummer did to the skins was brutal. Then they switched! Ok what is going on?!

Don't be fooled. While they've lived here for over decade they have heavyweight backgrounds. You wouldn't know it by talking to them. The drummer in this video (Jose Medeles) was a well sought after pro drummer in Los Angeles for a long time including the drummer for the Breeders. He also has a vintage drum store here and hosts well known musicians as they pass through town.

The other musician is David Coniglio who teaches at The School of Rock here in Portland and his music's been picked up by syndicated shows.

So these guys sure don't do it for the money! :) The do it because they love it. Check them out. They have a new LP of their music which we immediately bought. Except we were on bicycles. Peddling back 7 miles holding on to an LP. So Portland.

Here's another better video of the 1939 Ensemble.

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