Thursday, February 6, 2014

B.M.C. audio comes to True Audiophile

BMC PureDac. Now at True Audiophile.
We listen to everything we can at the shows. Solid state is a big issue for us as we love tubes. So we have a strict set of hurdles each brand must overcome. Preciseness isn't a problem with solid state. Organic presentation that makes you want to listen endlessly while it performs effortlessly is what we want to experience.

We've always been interested in BMC products for the wonderful design and unique features. After CES 2014 we heard the latest revisions and the new PureDac shown above (monster DAC for the money) and that convinced us. It was one of the best sounding rooms at CES 2014.

The entire line is well executed with multiple proprietary features that set BMC apart. You can explore the entire line but going to True Audiophile BMC Electronics.

BMC CS2 integrated amp

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