Thursday, February 6, 2014

Hello Sweden. Its True Audiophile. Primare arrives...

Primare I22 Integrated Amp w/DAC option
As we mentioned in the BMC section we always look and listen for outstanding design and sonics. Our final entry into best value/sonics/design is the very modern looking Primare line of electronics.

Primare is a very forward thinking company and offers a lot for the money and optional upgrades that just slide into a waiting bay. Like the I22 Integrated Amplifier above. It has plenty of power, a full function modern remote and the option to have a internal DAC - high resolution, low jitter of course - with a bay in the back. If you do not want the DAC built in its just an easy upgrade later.

Primare has everything you could want in a line from amps to CD players to the finest Blu-Ray player on the planet.

Check out Primare electrionics on our site.

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