Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Primare I32 integrated amplifier + Network is a digital dream

Primare I32 Integrated amp with Network Card
Digital audio as most of you know is the present and future of playback. What's got us excited is by putting the Primare MM30 card in the waiting slot in the Primare I32 it becomes a Network player of phenomenal proportions.

Access it from anywhere in your house, with a tablet, phone, computer, etc and you control the music coming out of the I32. Others do that you say? Well the big thing here is the chipset and fact it all stays within I2S. In other words no multiple conversions of the signal before it gets to and out of the DAC chip.

Plus you get the power of an integrated modern amplifier that's muscular and musical. Pulling the full spectrum of music out of your digital file. No harshness or edginess. Full featured. Full remote.

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