Monday, May 5, 2014

BMC brings USB up to date

BMC PureUSB Cable at True Audiophile

This is an impressive achievement in USB cables. Length is no longer and issue because of the proprietary USB module the signal is retsored and power isolated just before it goes into the DAC or digital converter. Many dealer and customers have compared this cable to the finest on the market today and the PureUSB always won.

An active electronic circuit restores and reshapes the digital USB signal just before entering the DAC. Beside this remarkable technology it also filters the noise on the USB power supply. This solution provides a better USB signal and ultimately better sound.

Another advantage is the reduction of length sensitivity. The BMC PureUSB1 allows the USB cable to be longer without causing losses, so 5.0 meter performance is virtually the same as the 2.0 meter length.

USB without the penalty now at True Audiophile.

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