Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Spatial Audio perfects the Open Baffle Speaker with the new Hologram Series

Spatial Audio Hologram Series at True Audiophile
We have been looking and listening for loudspeakers that fulfill what seemingly was an unrealistic dream: To find a speaker series that was high efficiency, had a holographic 3-D presentation, integrated into the room and didn't need a truckload of room treatment.

Introducing the Spatial Audio Hologram series. 100dB efficient so they can be uses with as little as 1 Watt. Beginning with the Hologram M2 dual 12" driver and special wideband compression driver that uses the specially designed woofer cone as the waveguide (43Hz - 20kHz). And its larger brother the Hologram M1 with 15" drivers and wideband compression driver which can pressurize large rooms (30Hz - 20kHz).

We are so excited by the technology and result that we will be showing with these speakers at the California Audio Show August 15-17th in room 376.

The M2 which was unveiled at Axpona 2014 won best sound in its category. The reviewers especially remarked how all the vendors had room tuning issues but the Hologram had zero room treatments and sounded incredible.

See more about these amazing speakers - at reasonable prices $1995-$3495

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