Monday, May 5, 2014

Finally the Best Value in Record Cleaning Machines get MKII

Okki Nokki MkII at True Audiophile
Finally and to a grand welcome the Okki Nokki reaches MkII status with all new precision internal machining, quieter motor and all the small issues with MKI completely resolved.

We have been looking for a record cleaner that wouldn't cost the price of a entry turntable but do what ones costing far more can do. After waiting not patiently Okki Nokki resolved everything and brought a new version of their RCM to market. Without question this is the best value in all of RCM's.

Yes, you can spent up to 6x more and get something better but really? Why not spend that money on getting more records? Okki Nokki does deep cleaning, the new motor is quieter, has forward/reverse and auto shut off in case you forget to empty the reservoir. At just over $600 for all these features its the obvious choice for record lovers. If you've ever cleaned a record and heard the real sonic effects you know what we're talking about.

Get the best value in Record Cleaners at True Audiophile

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