Tuesday, February 27, 2018

EAT E-GLOW S Tubed Phono Stage Stuns reviewers and Audiophiles Worldwide.

EAT E-Glo S Now at True Audiophile

Priding ourselves at nosing out the best analog like some crazed truffle seeking audio pig, we have to share this find. Or better yet. We'll let Tone Audio Magazine take it from here.

"A $2,995 Marvel – The EAT E-Glo S Hybrid/Tube Phonostage.

European Audio Team’s E-Glo S (named for its glowing vacuum tubes jutting out of the casework) offers up a sound that is mellow, defined, and dynamic.

You rarely get that out of five-figure phonostages, much less one for $2,995. With phono preamplifier prices reaching the stratosphere, what is the performance minded analog lover to do? European Audio Team’s Glow S, is incredible and we’ll do our best to tell you why in the next thousand words. But it certainly makes an outstanding first impression."-- Tone Audio

Jump on it before it goes to back order.

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