Friday, February 23, 2018


STOP! JUST STOP!!!! buying old used audio or "vintage" without re-capping it.

This seems like a local phenomenon, but we suspect it reaches everywhere. Your audio gear is loaded with electrolytic capacitors which have a shelf life of 10 years and an in-use life of 5-7 years. Any tech, manufacturer or tech house will concurr.

What happens after that? They slowly and surely degrade until the sound is dull. Many consider the sound being 'vintage'. It is not. Its not what the gear sounded like new.
Most of you here understand all this however there seem to be a growing number that simply don't and waste their money.

There's plenty of good gear around at good prices - new - and you get a warranty.

Of course if its a valuable peice like Mac, Fisher, HH Scott, Marantz, etc then have it rebuilt. You'll be astonished.

Here's a video we did as a public service.

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