Saturday, February 10, 2018

The Godfather of Analog Plays EAT B-Sharp

EAT B-Sharp at True Audiophile
EAT B-Sharp continues to impress. This time, the Godfather of Analog -- Michael Fremer

The EAT B-Sharp is a most enjoyable moderately priced turntable that does most things correctly …within the price category. Its speed accuracy and consistency made listening pleasurable and relaxing. Imaging was stable and well-defined as was soundstaging. The ‘table and Ortofon Blue produced a satisfying spread and good sense of depth. In terms of colorations, as the tap test indicated, the B-Sharp tends toward a slight warmth in the upper mid-bass but the lower octaves are well-presented and bass through a system no doubt more robust and extended than with which this turntable is likely to be matched was well-controlled overall, deeper than expected and only slightly exaggerated.
I can say is that you won't regret buying this one.

I can also say that the EAT B-Sharp is a well-constructed turntable with a high performance arm capable of handling a wide range of cartridges including far more expensive ones than the 2M Blue and with its full range of adjustments has advantages over some of the competition. -- Michael Fremer Analog Planet 2018

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