Friday, August 9, 2019

Exclusive 2-stage Turntable Mats at True Audiophile

ProMat by Blue Horizon Imported by True Audiophile
Serious about Turntable playback?

Have a nice mix of 120g and 180g tasty records?

Don't want to change the VTA/VTF for each one, but want to enjoy ultimate playback?

This is the solution. The ProMat's unique architecture allows you to set the VTA/VTF and then just add or remove a mat for perfect VTA/VTF.

These disappeared from the U.S. months ago, and there's no other product with this unique architecture so we contacted the manufacturer in Europe and for now, we are the exclusive dealer in the U.S.

To celebrate we also lowered the price by 30% because, well, music lovers deserve this solution and what you save will buy you some more tasty records.

Order Now.

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