Friday, August 9, 2019

Exogal Non-Digital DAC is here at True Audiophile

All about the videos today. We also completed one on the Exogal Comet DAC. The non-digital, math DAC.

We haven't had our hearts in carrying a DAC since we imported Human Audio. We listened to lots of DACs and all of them left us, meh. Clean, check. Dynamics, check. Soundstage, check. Analog-like, UN-check. Natural sounding, UN-check. We just never got excited. Then finally we heard the Exogal Comet. A DAC like no other. None of the same architecture or approach. Forget asking about which DAC chip they use because they only use a DAC chip to assign inputs and output. All the rest is done with math. Pure math to trace the musical wave precisely and evenly without need of filters and excess circuitry to fill in the wonky stair step trace. We think you will love this DAC.

Watch the unboxing here.

But one here.

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