Friday, August 9, 2019

Serious Power Conditioning by GigaWattGo

GigaWatt is here and on Sale at True Audiophile

We're always looking for power center/conditioners that really work and work for high current applications such as amplifiers.

While many companies claim you can use their power conditioners for high current ie amplifiers, we found this to not be true. It always darkens the sounds and muddies the sound stage. After looking for years to find a more affordable solution than the HB Cable conditioners, we an even better option than the one we used to carry and they performed brilliantly.

We carry the full line, but are only listing this one on our site right now. Since it also comes with a high end power cord its really the best bargain we've found. PLUS we beat them up to offer a Introductory

Price that's $700 off!!

See the unboxing here.

Buy one here.

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