Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Happy 2023! Sorry for the long delay

Hey Everyone. One of the True people yelled at us over the holidays because we've severely neglected this blog.

In meager defense, we have been updating our Facebook page and our YouTube channel.

Ok, no excuse. So here's our promise: We'll be updating, reviewing and blogging appropriately in 2023.

We have new products coming in the spirit of 'best value at its price, regardless of price'.

Since its been a while we should restate our goal: we are committed to only carrying the most musical products we can find. And we search the globe for these products - literally.

You'll see products here that will test your audio knowledge. What you will never see is brands that have been marketed to death and then produced as cheaply as possible for maximum profit.

As lifelong Audiophiles, we've been down that depressing road. So we are committed to only carrying products that we ourselves would buy.

The motto around here is: Passion over Profit.

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